Ljubljana airport car parking

Parking Ljubljana AirportFree 30 minutes parking
There is an extensive parking place (P2) with over 1000 parking lots situated to the right hand, when entering the Ljubljana airport. For the first 30 minutes, parking your car here is free of charge.

To pay your over-stay, there is a parking automat in front of the airport terminals. After paying the parking fee, your are allowed 15 minutes to leave the parking lot. In case of the ticket loss, a two-weeks parking fee (which is 85 Euros according to our calculations) will be charged! Car parking fees for the open air parking (P2):

First 30 minutes : free of charge
Up to 1 hour : 2,00 EUR
For 1 - 2 hours : 3,50 EUR
For 2 - 4 hours : 5,00 EUR, etc.
1 month: 150 EUR
6 months: 360 EUR
1 year: 700 EUR

Open Air Parking
There is another open air airport parking (P1) just opposite to the entrance driveway to the Ljubljana Airport - on your left if arriving from Kranj. It has over 900 parking spaces. In the winter season it is closed.

Multi-storey parking hall
In parking you are charged from the first second. To pay your parking you can use the parking automat or pay at the cashier, which is situated at the ground level. Car paking fees for the multi-storey parking hall (P1):

Up to 1 hour : 2,50 EUR
For 1 - 2 hours : 4,50 EUR
For 2 - 4 hours : 6,- EUR, etc.
For 8 days: 59 EUR
For 15 days: 96 EUR
1 month: 180 EUR
6 months: 480 EUR
1 year: 950 EUR

For detailed prices, long term parking and updates please visit the Ljubljana airport's parking page: http://www.lju-airport.si/en/passengers-and-visitors/getting-here/parking/