Ljubljana attractions

Ljubljana is a compact city and while it has attractions you will find nothing as famous as Eiffel tower. However you will be amazed by the abundance of green parks and renaissance, baroque and modern architecture. Markets and cultural events give the city an unforgettable spirit of peace and harmony. You can locate many of Ljubljana's attractions on the interactive map of Ljubljana.

Explore Ljubljana's sightseeing opportunities and points of interest. The major tourist attraction is arguably the Ljubljana castle, but there are many other castles and manors in the city and its immediate area.

Visiting museums is a perfect activity when the weather's not on your side and also is an entertaining opportunity to learn about Slovenian history and culture. Ljubljana offers various museums on the history of Slovenia and Yugoslavia, as well as its architecture, art and other interesting themes.

Ljubljana ZOO
Ljubljana Zoo is a relatively small one but if you are in town it is worth seeing. It is situated within the natural forest on the West of Ljubljana, only 20 minutes walk from the city centre under the Roznik hill. The Zoological garden (in Slovene: "Zivalski vrt" - useful while you need directions) makes a perfect day out with the children. For a fee you can "adopt" your own animal and come and see it being fed. It is recommended that you visit the Zoo on the weekend when guided tours and workshops usually take place. It is reachable by foot, car or by chartered bus.

Atlantis, Ljubljana aqua park
If you feel like a splash then visit Atlantis. Ljubljana's aqua park is one of the biggest indoor parks in Europe and offers pools, saunas, massages and a solarium. It is situated within BTC City, a shopping and entertainment area 5 km North-East from the city centre, meaning you don't have to end the day too soon to travel home.

The city market
St Nicholas churchTo truly feel the city's atmosphere and its people, visit the open market. It is one of the masterpieces of Plecnik's architecture and located by the river, where its monumental arcades connect the Triple and Dragon bridges. With the cathedral of St. Nicholas and baroque surroundings it seamlessly melts into the Old Town. For practical information see the markets in Ljubljana.

Tivoli ParkTivoli park
The biggest park in Ljubljana, which was created in 1813 and later redesigned by Joze Plecnik, today boasts around 5 sq km of forest. The 'Lungs of the city', as it's also called, is a place that connects the city to nature. Walk the park on a sunny day and you will find it visited by families, joggers, seniors, lovers, children and sports maniacs. Ponds, fountains, museums, childrens playgrounds, mansions, exhibitions, sports facilities and just plain grass and flowers make it a place of some variety where everybody can find something that appeals.

The House of Experiments
House of ExperimentsThis is the ideal place for all those visitors who look for intelligent entertainment, education and science at once. The house of experiments (Hisa Eksperimentov) is designed for visitors of all ages, to learn, test themselves and exchange ideas. The building is situated in the very centre, and is open for visitors every Saturday and Sunday from 11h to 19h.

Krizanke monastery
Krizanke monastery LjubljanaKrizanke is a relatively extensive monastic monument, located at the French Revolution Square, next to the City Museum. It was built by Teutonic Knights in the 13th century, while centuries later baroque renovations and Plecnik's designs gave it its final image. Today as a place of open-air theatre it attracts hordes of people during the summer time to numerous concerts, plays and other cultural performances. It is a place of art, history and inspiration and also houses a bar with food and drinks. If you do come to Ljubljana, check the programme as you may hit upon something good. You can buy tickets and check the programme online. If you are interested in some specific event, check the web page or contact Festival Ljubljana, the city manager of Krizanke and its events:
Trg francoske revolucije 1, Ljubljana
Phone.: +386 (0)1 241 60 00, Fax: +386 (0)1 241 60 37
E-mail: info@ljubljanafestival.si
Homepage: www.ljubljanafestival.si/en/krizanke

Botanical Garden Ljubljana
Because of its geographical position, caught between the Alps, the Mediterranean and the Panonian Plain, Slovenia is a paradise for European botanists. It was based in 1810, what makes it the oldest garden of its kind in the South East of Europe, and hosts around 5000 different plants from all over the world. It is open every day, also in winter time and the entrance is free unless you take a guided tour. Tours only take place if at least 15 people apply. Different workshops and lectures take place here throught the year.
Address: Izanska cesta 15, 1000 Ljubljana
Phone: +386 1 427 12 80
E-mail: botanicni.vrt@siol.net

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