The House of Experiments, Ljubljana

(Hisa Eksperimentov)

Accents in Slovenia on the mapThe need to learn is one of the basic human instincts, while the mission of the House of Experiments is to make people excited about learning. After all, we learn something new every day...

The House of Experiments is situated in the city centre on Trubarjeva ulica, just around the corner from the Dragon bridge. It is the only place of its kind in Slovenia, where you can explore some 46 experiments, each accompanied with detailed instructions (English versions available at  reception). Here the visitors can learn and test their knowledge themselves. The interior is illustrated with humorous paintings, because learning should be fun!

Opening time
The House of Experiments is open for individual visitors on Saturday and Sunday, from 11.00 am until 19.00pm. The regular show of selected experiments starts at 17.00pm. If you are coming in a group an advance reservation is required.

The price is 5,00 EUR (for anyone aged 5 to 99). A set of five tickets is available at discounted price (20,00 eur). Annual tickets are available.

Groups of 20 to 40 people (usually school groups) can make a reservation for Tuesdays and Thursdays although the reservation itself must be made a fair amount of time in advance. On Fridays the space is available for birthday celebrations (fortunately, no there is no alcohol).

Address and contacts
Hisa Eksperimentov
Trubarjeva ulica 39, Ljubljana
Phone: + 386 1 300 6888.