Castles in Ljubljana

Ljubljana Castle
(Ljubljanski grad)
The castle, situated on the hilltop, majestically overlooks the city. Visible from all around the town, it is an excellent orientation point for a tourist, as well as a popular point of interest. Although the castle is generally open to the public for free (except for the tower, for which you have to pay an entrance fee), it is perhaps a good idea to join a guided tour to learn the most about its history and legends. With Ljubljana tourist card entrance is free.

Tivoli mansion
Tivoli castle Ljubljana(Tivolski grad)
Situated near the city centre, the Tivoli park offers a pleasant walk.

Cekin Castle
(Cenkinov grad)
Initially used as a dancing hall for rich citizens, the castle was built in 1752 by count Leopold von Lamberg in the Baroque style. Located in the Tivoli park, the castle houses the National Museum of Contemporary History.

Kodeljevo castle
Kodeljevo castle and chapel.(Grajski kompleks Kodeljevo)
This little known castle is well hidden and is situated a few kilometres from Ljubljana centre, in the academic sports area. During the day the castle serves as a restaurant with a daily lunch menu, and during the weekend nights as a party venue.

Castle in Fuzine
Fuzine castle Ljubljana(Grad Fuzine)
This is the main Slovenian museum of architecture with a permanent exhibition dedicated to the renowned Slovenian architect Joze Plecnik. The castle is easy to access from Ljubljana, just a pleasant bike ride away.
Address: Pot na Fuzine 2, Ljubljana
Phone: +386 (0)1 5409798

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