Ljubljana events and What's on 2013

Ljubljana is burstling with the cultural entertainment for its people and also enjoyed by tourists where the language is not a barrier. During the summer, the streets of Ljubljana are daily changes into small markets, street theaters and concerts venues. There is a number of cinemas, galleries and museums to keep you entertained all year long.

Alpe-Adria: Tourism and Leisure Faire
24. - 27. January 2013
Location: Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Center.

Following Presern`s Footsteps
31. Jan - 9. Feb 2013
Open-air concerts by singing choirs and vocal groups at locations where Preseren lived or worked or spent his time.

Wine Fair: Vino 13
10. – 13. February 2013
Location: Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Center.

Slovenian cultural holiday
8. February 2013
Number of cultural events, theatre performances, concerts take place all around Slovenia and Ljubljana, too. Ljubljana`s museums and galleries are admission free. The holiday is dedicated to France Preseren, the gratest Slovenian poet.

Dragon Carnival
9. February 2013
Shrovetide carnival parade through the city`s old town streets.

RTV Slovenia Simphony Orchestra
12. February 2013
Classical music concert will take place in Cankarjev dom at 7.30 pm.

Herring Feast
13. February 2013
Culinary event featuring frehswater and sea fish specialities has been held at the Union Hall of the Union Hotel anually since 1908. From 11 am to 5 pm.

Da Vinci - The genius
15. Feb - 12. May 2013
The largest exhibition on Leonardo da Vinci to tour the world. Ljubljana exhibition and Convention Center.

Gibanica/Moving cake: 6th Festival of Slovenian Dance
21. - 23. February 2013
Contemporary dances. Elektro Ljubljana's Old Power Station.

Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra - classical concert
24. February 2013
Slovenian Philharmonic at 7.30 pm.

Red Dawns Festival
6. - 9. March 2013
International feminist and queer festival takes place at Metelkova Mesto.

52th International Home Fair
12. - 17. March 2013
Location: Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Center.

The Welcoming of Spring
11. March 2013
A traditional event of handicraftsmen launching wooden clogs with burning candles inside them into waters as a sign of rejoicing at no longer having to work by lights. Starts at 5.30 pm.

Ljubljana International Sweet Swing festival
18. – 22. Mar 2013
Dance workshops and performances will take place on numerous locations.

International Puppet Day
21. March
On the day you can join and see any performance of Puppet Theatres for free, since this is the day when they open their door to honor puppetry art and to make it more recognized.

15th International Festival of Documentary Film
1. – 8. March 2013
The festival opens issues of a documentary film and its influence to society and human rights. Various venues.

28th Slovenian Musical Days
11. - 15. March 2013
Performances of classical music works of contemporary Slovenian composers will be held on numerous locations in Ljubljana. Celebration of national musical creativity.

Nelly Furtado - dance pop concert
14. March 2013
Dvorana Tivoli sports hall at 8 pm.

Ricchi e poveri - pop concert
16. March 2013
Dvorana Tivoli sports hall at 8 pm.

21. - 23. March 2013
Collections of numismatists, philatelists, phone cards, fossils and minerals, antiquities and other things from all over the world. Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Center.

Slovak Film Retrospctive

28. Mar - 05 Apr 2013
Where? At Cankarjev dom - cultural and congress center.

2Cellos - concert
30. March 2013
Fusion, pop, classical music concert at Cankarjev dom. 7.pm.

Masters of Dirt - freestyle motocross show
1. April 2013
Not a joke. It takes place in Stozice Sports Park Arena.

Exodos - 17th International Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts
13. - 23. April 2013
Dance and theatre. Various venues.

7th International Mountain Film Festival
15. April – 19. April 2013
The festival presents up to 40 Slovenian and foreign productions of mountain theme, followed by presentations of books, photography and discussions. It takes place in Cankarjev Dom.

Stories Today 2013
17. - 18. April 2013
16th storytelling festival will take place in Cankarjev dom. Actors, writers, personal storytellers, musicians and researchers will make the 13th festival possible again. Appropriate for listeners of all ages. Mostly in Slovenian language.

Fabula, Short Story Festival
Short story as a genre is taken as art. The event will gather a number of home and international renowned authors: Cesar Aira, Niccolo Amanniti, Christoph Ransmayr, Drago Jancar, Margriet de Moor, Per Olov Enquist. The event will be held on several locations in the city center. Ptuj and Maribor as well.

Rammstein - electro metal concert
30. April 2013
Stozice Sports Park Arena.

Mark Knopfler
4. May 2013
The rock koncert will take place in Stozice Sports Park Arena. Take a city bus.

Wire Path Walk
9. - 11. May 2013
During the WW2 Ljubljana was the only city in Europe, which was encircled by a barbed wire and thus had a status of a city concentration camp. The reason for the barbed wire was the fact, that Ljubljana had one of the best resistance movements in Europe. Nazis were never able to find and uncover it. For the memory of those dreadful and brave times, an every – year walk is organized by the track of the wire. Usually it happens around 9th May, when Ljubljana was liberated in 1945. The longest track is 35 km long.

SKIS Market
It is one of the biggest student fiestas. Student clubs from all over Slovenia gather at one place, presenting their local particularities, including food, drinks and sights. Concerts and food and drinks stands bring the event to a celebration, lasting until late hours. If you are a student or eager to meet Slovenian ones or just feel like a party, this is a must. Usually it is located at Ilirija Stadium by the Tivoli Park.

International Day of Museums
18. May 2013
It is the day when museums prepare special program to characterize the significance of institutions that sustain collection of artifacts connected to the nation`s history and its heritage. It is worth using the day for museums. No entrance fee.

65th Annual concert of France Marolt Academic Folklore Group
18. May 2013
Traditional dances in Cankarjev dom.

Graduation Parade
The tradition of dancing quadrille at the prom at the end of four-year secondary education moved to the streets in 2001. At first in Ljubljana only, later in other Slovenian cities as well and recently as an international project, pupils have broken the Guinness World Record in synchronous dancing. If you are in Ljubljana at the time, you will not regret it. The show is big and to see so many young people dancing simultaneously is an absolutely marvelous sight.

Druga Godba, 29th International Music Festival
10. - 11. May 2013
“Druga Godba” is an annual very well visited music festival for those, who prefer different, alternative or ethno. Performers from all over the world, including Africa, South Amerika and Asia, are introduced at locations with special atmosphere, like open-air Krizanke or Metelkova Mesto, the alternative quarter of the city. For more info about program and tickets check their web page. Druga godba rates among the world's 25 best international music festivals.

Muza - Festival of books and art

Photonical moments: Festival of contemporary photography

20th Living Literature Festival
For the purpose of popularization of literature and promotion of young writers, the festival remains special for the combination of music and word. It is taken from inside to the streets into hands of people. More specifically - in front of the SKUC Galery at Stari trg. No fee.

Ljubljana wine route

Museum Summer Night
It is the day, when museums and galleries open their doors out of office hours until late in the evening, offering guides, workshops, video presentations, concerts, lectures etc. Entrance to every museum is free of charge.

Mini Summer, International puppet festival
June - September 2013
International puppet and theater festival for children is sponsored by Mini Theatre, happening mainly at Ljubljana Castle and Krizevniska street, though other locations as well. Theaters from all over Europe present their plays, some for adults too.

61st Ljubljana Festival
June – September 2013
The trademark of Festival Ljubljana represents some of the most important and recognized annual events happening from the end of June till the start of September. International philharmonic orchestra concerts, open-air cinema, fine arts colony, opera, ballet, theatre and 61 years of tradition give this festival high artistic value and credibility. For program and more information check their web page.

Ana Desetnica, Street theatre festival
3. – 6. July 2013
It is international festival of a street theatre that takes place on several locations in the city center. At the time streets of Ljubljana work as one big theater.

54th Ljubljana Jazz Festival
4. – 6. July 2013
In 3 days of the festival famous names of international and Slovenian jazz are presented. The stage is located at Cankarjev Dom and Krizanke, the open air theatre. Tickets can be bought at Hard Rock music shop on Trubarjeva street 40 as well.

Let`s meet in front of SKUC
9.-28. July 2013
Near the Well of Hercules on Gornji trg you can witness many theater, literary, musical and dancing presentations, making the old part of town even more catchy. With workshops for children and a market of books and artistic works, everyone can find something for himself. No fee.

Trnfest 2013
30. July - 1. September 2013
Trnfest is a festival which takes place every year during the whole month of August. Various concerts, theatres, musical or video performances are held outside on the street and thus free of charge. Location: Quarter Trnovo. Just ask locals where to go, because it's difficult to find.

Young Lions 2013 - International Festival of Theatre and Dance
23. August - 1. September 2013
Presentation of theatre and dance artists from all over the world is set mainly at the location of Stara elektrarna, Slomskova ulica 18, though on other locations as well. For details and program see their web page.

Emona Promenade 2013
Street festival. Performances of groups and solo artists from different countries. Location: Trnovo Bridge and Emonska ulica.

The Old Town Nights
End of August
As traditional enclosure of the “Summer in the Old Town of Ljubljana” festival, it symbolically represents an ending of summer beats of the city. During the 5 days the entire Old Town breathes various kinds of art, food, drinks and concerts of usually rock, classical and ethno music.

European day of Jewish culture
4. September 2013
Location: Židovska ulica and Židovska steza.

Medieval Days
The traditional Medieval Days and Festival of Medieval and Renaissance Music will take place on different locations in the city. The main event at the Ljubljana castle will be followed by others at Triple Bridge, Congress Square and City Park. Dancers, musicians, actors, swordsmen and jugglers from Serbia, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Slovenia will create an unforgettable medieval experience.

6th Codelli Classic Cars Festival
Mid Sept
Every year in September good old classic cars revive a memory of vintage Ljubljana.

Ex Ponto
2nd half of September
Ex Ponto is an International Festival of Contemporary Theatre Production. It takes place on different locations in the city.

Festival Zlata Palicica
10. - 14. October 2013
It is a festival of professional theaters for children and since it is a biennial happens every second year. It is organized and sponsored by Puppet Theatre in Ljubljana. For details and program see their web page.

19th Festival: City of Women – international festival of contemporary arts
An annual festival offering room to female art and culture is for the 19th time representing artistic productions of women all over the world. The essence of their play, music, literature, visual art and video productions is to point out the wrongful and disproportionate participation of women in culture and life in general. It is taking place on several locations in Ljubljana, usual and alternative ones.

Ljubljana Marathon
This relatively young European marathon annually attracts thousands of sportsmen. The run starts in the city centre and runs around the Mostec hill. There are three different lengths of route (7, 21 and 42 km). This year already 16th international marathon takes place in Ljubljana.

Ljubljana Wine Route
Wine tasting and culinary event on the streets of Lubljana.

Liffe, 24st Ljubljana International Film Festival
The Ljubljana International Film Festival has gained its credibility and attraction throughout the years with chosen movies in competition from all over the world. Location: Cankarjev dom.

29th Book Fair
Book novelties are presented in the cultural atmosphere of Cankarjev dom. For details check their web page.

29th Lesbian and Gay Film Festival
23. November – 1. December 2013
Ljubljana Lesbian and Gay Film Festival is the oldest film festival of this kind in Europe. Through decades of economic and political changes it has helped killing myths, calming down emotions, joining people of different believes and building a rightful Europe. 26th in a row is taking place in Slovenska Kinoteka.

Day of Culture
3. December 2013
Celebrating birthday of Slovenian greatest poet Dr. France Preseren, 3rd Dec is dedicated to culture. Museums, theatres, galeries, libraries and other cultural institutions open their door and entrance is free.

Holiday Winter Fair
3. December 2013– 2. January 2014
Annually at the start of December Ljubljana gets beautifully decorated and stands offering souvenires, Christmas gifts, foods and drinks are set in the Old Town by the river and at the market place one next to another. At this festive time street concerts, theatres and other events are frequent. For event program visit Tourist Information Office of Ljubljana.

Animateka, 10th animated film festival
Location: Kinodvor.

New Year in Ljubljana
31. December
Every year thousands of citizens wait for the New Year on the streets of Ljubljana. Celebrations with concerts take place at different locations in the city center. For program visit Tourist Information Office of Ljubljana.