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Power Plugs and Sockets 

To know if you need a power adapter you should first know about plugs used in your country.  Type F is the type of power socket in Slovenia and it also works with E and C plug.

Frequency in Slovenia is 50 Hz. If there is a different frequency in your country, think twice before you use your electronic devices. You can also check on the label of your appliance if it needs a converter at all. Some can be used everywhere in the world.


You can find voltage converters  for your cell phone or laptop in DelkoEbax shop in Emporium building of the BTC shopping center.

Electric Car Charging Stations

There are around 80 charging stations for electric vehicles in Ljubljana and more than 240 around Slovenia. You should not have problems to travel with your electric vehicle from one part of the country to another.

Electric charging stations are not present in bigger cities only, you can find them also in some smaller ones, tourist resorts and villages and on highways.

Here are links with mapped and listed electric charging stations in Ljubljana and Slovenia (in Slovene only):