Getting around in Ljubljana

Ljubljana train station
The main train station in Ljubljana (in Slovenian: Zelezniska postaja) is relatively small, and is situated in the middle of the city, some 10 minutes walk to the old town.

Ljubljana bus station
This will be your starting point if you arrive by shuttle from the Brnik airport. The bus station is actually just a bus parking space situated in front the train station. The station serves long distance buses, which during the day travel to many towns around Ljubljana, making them the ideal means of transport for a day trip. There is a small cashiers desk offering information and tickets, although often these things are directly available from the drivers. You can find bus schedules on their offical web page.
Address: Trg OF (by the Railway Station)
Tel: +386 (0)1 2344600

Getting around by foot
Ljubljana is a small city and pedestrians friendly as in the last couple of years significant part of the city center got closed for traffic. Unless you need to visit some institution outside of the city centre, you can manage easily without using public transport. Locals waiting at the zebra crossings do not cross while the red light is showing on the traffic lights - it is dangerous and you can also get a fine. Watch out for bikers, even on the pavements and the pathway along by the river.

Biking in Ljubljana
Bike in LjubljanaThe town has a lot of respect for bikers and offers a good infrastructure of bike paths. Renting a bike is highly recommended if you want to see more distant sights like the ZOO, or architectural exhibitions in the Fuzine castle.

Bike rental
Renting a bike is as cheap as 5 Euros per day and bike rental businesses are spread all over the city, for example one is in the tourist office at Krekov trg 10, which is open from 8am-7pm (even longer in the summer). There is a guided bike tour offered as well. You can also use Bicikelj, free bike share system.

Buying a bike
If you are coming for longer, you may consider buying a bike as second hand ones start at less than 50 Euros. Never buy a stolen bike however, as it will certainly be recognized by its rightful owner. Just like in Amsterdam, the most popular style are 'grandma's bikes', but do consult our gallery of cool bikes in Ljubljana. There is a specialized shop selling both new and second hand bikes called Rog Sport at Trubarjeva street 76, tel. 01/4305410.

Taxi or cab
There is a taxi rank in front of the railway and bus station. While the taxi companies have different rates, we suggest calling the cheapest taxi in Ljubljana, one as they also speak English and we have received more recommendations for them than anyone else.

Public transportation

Local public bus
If you intend to use bus transportation in Ljubljana, Ljubljana Urbana Cardyou need to buy Urbana card. You can get it for one time fee of 2€ at tourist information centers, most city street kiosks and post offices hold it as well. One journey costs 1.20 € and allows you to change as many busses as you need in a time of 90 minutes.

Ljubljana by a small tourist train
Brings tourist from the city center to the Ljubljana castle.

Getting aroud by boat
There are boats offering short trips on the Ljubljanica river. The boats depart from under the tiny white bridge nearby the Triple bridge and the price is around 8 euros.

If you would like to book a boat ride, we would be glad to help you:

Ljubljana tourist card

Ljubljana tourist card is a good choice for those of you, who would like to experience the most of Ljubljana for a reasonable price. You can choose among 1-day, 2-day or 3-day card. The Ljubljana tourist card brings you:

  • Free entrances to 15 different museums, Zoo, … Ljubljana card
  • Free guided tour of the city and free digital guide rental
  • Free city bus rides
  • 24 hour access to WiFree Ljubljana internet network
  • Free ride with a tourist boat on Ljubljanica river, free funicular to Ljubljana castle and a tourist train and free 4-hour Ljubljana bike rental
  • Free computer and internet use in Slovenian tourist Information Center

You can buy it in all the Ljubljana Tourist Information Centers, in hotels or online (10 % discount).