Internet cafes Ljubljana

In Ljubljana you will not find internet caffes like you are used to in your capital. This city has them farely limited., which is for a country with relatively high internet range and literacy uncommon. You will find internet access for public use mainly in libraries, even shops or bars with one or two computers. As internet is getting more and more useful when travelling, we give you an insight of cyber points in Ljubljana, some places with possibilities of wireless, burning files or emptying your memory card also.

Juicebox internet Ljubljana
Juicebox has free wireless internet to connect to. Bring your own computer or use the stationary one in the bar while sipping your favourite smoothie. Juicebox smoothie bar is located in the very center of the city. Enjoy their internet and smoothie offer!

STA Travel Café
STA Travel Café is located in the centre of the city in Ajdovscina Square. Their wireless signal is free and can be caught in some of the other bars in the square as well. They also have two computers to use. Open from Mon to Fri from 10 am to 5 pm.
Address: Trg Ajdovscina 1, 1000 Ljubljana 
Phone: +386 1 439 16 90

LP Bar
There is one computer free to use in the bar and the password is written on one of the walls, while you can always get it from the waiter as well. Located between the Ljubljanica river and National and University Library
Address: Novi trg 2, 1000 Ljubljana
Phone: +386 41 846 457

Kino Dvor Café
Kino Dvor Cafe is a very cosy, yet spacious place in which to have a meeting or just slurp your coffee and surf the internet. There is also a small library of books related to the topic of films. Ask the waiter for the password. Offers good Czech beer. It is adjacent to the main bus and train station.
Address: Kolodvorska 13, Ljubljana
Phone: +386 1 239 22 17

Metropol Café
As it is situated beside the building of the SOU – Student Organization of Slovenia - you will find Metropol Cafe filled with students. It's a cosy place with its own smoking area, a vast array of daily and weekly newspapers and, naturally, a wireless internet connection.
Address: Kersnikova 6, 1000 Ljubljana 

Sir Williams Pub
The internet connection is free of charge but is locked so please ask the waiter for the password. Enjoy surfing accompanied by their wide selection of teas and wines. The bar is placed at the corner of Miklosiceva and Tavcarjeva street not far from the City Hotel. It is on the way to the centre from the train or bus station.
Address: Tavcarjeva 8a, Ljubljana

A place with a lovely atmosphere that lies by a pond in Tivoli park. It is usually crowded with young families or dog walkers. It has very good cakes, free wireless internet with an open network and overall makes a great destination on sunny days.
Phone: +386 1 251 11 60

SEM Café
SEM Cafe is a very neat and internet-user-friendly place to be with its spacious and modern interior. Free wireless is available.
Address: Metelkova 2, 1000 Ljubljana

This bookstore offers free wireless internet access, although the signal is available outside the building as well ;).
Address: Slovenska 29, 1000 Ljubljana

Zvezda Café
Ask a waiter for the password. Once inside, do not leave this place without tasting their delicious cakes. It is placed within Slon Hotel.
Address: Slovenska cesta 34, 1000 Ljubljana

Petkovsek Café
The network is closed so ask a waiter for the password. This place is very popular with locals out for a beer or coffee. It is by the river just next to the new Butchers` Bridge.
Address: Petkovskovo nabrezje 15, 1000 Ljubljana
Phone: +386 41 620 935

A peaceful place during the day that becomes less peaceful in the evenings when occasional parties occur. Thus it's smarter to use your computer and their wireless before dark. A place of bohemians, artists, intellectuals and students that offers reasonable prices.  
Address: Rimska 21, 100 Ljubljana
Phone: +386 12 51 03 24

England Pub
The pub is located next to the City Hotel. It has a free wireless connection and is a popular location for fans of English football.
Address: Mala ulica 8, Ljubljana

Free wireless, soft chairs and electricity sockets to charge the battery of your laptop make this a good place for surfing the internet. It cannot hold too many people however since it's relatively small.
Address: Zidovska steza , 1000 Ljubljana

Bar Pr` Semaforju
Since it is adjacent to the Faculty of Arts this place is very popular with students. Also because free wireless is offered!
Address: Slovenska cesta 5, 1000 Ljubljana
A place with salads, soups and tasty sandwiches, it also has wireless internet available. Unfortunately it is tiny inside but with lots of space outside, thus making it a better choice for sunny days. It is placed just by the Cobblers` Bridge.  
Address: Jurcicev trg 3, Ljubljana
Phone: +386  1 425 00 55

An affordable breakfast and lunch venue with traditional Slovene food and a homely atmosphere that offers an open wireless internet connection. It is located just opposite to The House of Experiments.
Address: Trubarjeva 40, 1000 Ljubljana

Dobnik Chocolate Atelier
Chocolate atelier Dobnik is placed in the underground passage of the Maximarket shopping mall. It's a cosy place and the smell of coffee and chocolate is always welcome. The network is locked, so ask a waiter for the password.
Address: Trg republike 1,1000 Ljubljana
Phone: +386 1 425 31 41