Slovene Ethnographic Museum

Ethnography and anthropology
To become familiar with the habits, customs and traditions of the country you visit, pay a visit to the ethnographic museum. Since ethnography and anthropology are concepts very close one to another, you will find them interconnected also with conservation, cultural anthropology and other human and social sciences.   

Ethnographic museum Ljubljana features permanent and temporary exhibitions.  

»Between Nature and Culture« - a human being is a part of nature and defined by items he has made and used to overcome challenges or simply to make his life easier.
The exhibition is cut into four sections. The first section represents artifacts that are typically Slovene and specifies each ethnological region with architecture, costumes, dances and accent/dialect. The second shows items used for hunting, fishing,Ethnographic museum ljubljana gathering and food production; and presents crafts like pottery, basketry and hammering. The third part makes a visitor think what is a necessity and what is dispensable. It is a segment of the exibition that examines goods designed for clothing and ones dwelling; for either need or comfort. The last one closes the circle by relating human beings to the world – folk arts, manners customs, music and instruments, religiosity and other things. 

The museum does not feature only ethnological elements of Slovene culture but focuses on the ethnology and anthropology of African, Asian and South American people also.  

Temporary exhibitions change every 2-3 months. For recent exhibitions check their web page.  

Pay attention to their courses for folk arts and crafts. Courses for ceramics and pottery, decoration and weaving etc are all available. Workshops for children are on the schedule also, within a guided tour or independently. All the workshops are guided by experienced or university educated artists. Their products are for sale.   

Guided tours
Guided tours are possible with further notice only and are paid for along with the entrance fee. To book, use the contact information at the bottom of the page. Within or alongside guided tours, workshops or live presentations of pottery and weaving are possible to view, with an additional fee of 1 €.

A special program of tours is performed for children within a school visit of the museum. Tours are based according to the age of pupils. For the smallest listeners there is Etno Abecedaz – a labyrinth with items from A to Z. It offers the youngest ones the chance to learn and discover new items and words through games.   

For childrenworkshop museum ethnography
Mostly in the summertime but generally during school holidays and on Saturdays, numerous workshops or educationprograms for children take place. Instead of taking your son or daughter to McDonalds, his or her birthday party can happen in a creative and playful athmosphere.  

Coffee Shop, Souvenir Shop, Library
The Coffee Shop SEM, which is adjacent to the museum offers a spot to relax over a drink and a cake and also a place to socialize, see exhibitions, attend events, concerts, lectures, jam sessions or dance evenings. It is open from Mon-Sun: 10.00 – 23.00.  

The museum souvenir shop is called Lectarija and is famous for its interior, designed by Plecnik himself. It offers a wide choice of museum replicas and African arts and crafts. The latter are sold in the spirit and principle of fair trade. Lectarija is open within the working time of the museum. 

There is a public library with a rich collection of ethnografical and anthropological documentation close to the museum. Open from Mon to Fri 8.00 – 15.00, on Wednesdays from 8.00 to 17.00. 

Halls rental
A hall with space for 45 listeners and another one for 80 are available. Both are equipped with LCD projectors. An entrance hall with outside platform suitable for receptions or bigger events.  

Special discounts are provided to preschool children, students, seniors and EURO26 card holders. Entrance is free for the disabled, museum card holders and pre-school children escorted by their parents. Every first Sunday of the month the entrance is free.

Opening time
Tue – Sun: 10.00 – 18.00
Mondays and holidays closed.

Slovenski etnografski muzej
Metelkova 2
1000 Ljubljana
Phone: +386 (0)1 300 87 00
Fax: +386 (0)1 300 87 36