Parking in Ljubljana

As with any European capital, finding a free (no cost) parking space during the week in the city centre, especially until late afternoon, can be a mission of sorts.

To find the most suitable place for your car, the details about prices, opening hours and number of spaces in each car park are all on the municipal parking web site. You will find them rated and priced according to their location which you can find on the map attached. Note that they are bigger and administratively separate to the street ones thus you are more likely to find an empty slot there. For this reason they have their own policy and prices.

Ljubljana parking system and rules

At street parking spaces you will find what are called parkomats. After inserting money and entering the time of use you will receive a receipt which you must put on display in your car. Be sure to have the exact amount of money prepared since no change is given. Paying is necessary on every working day until 6pm and on Saturdays till 1pm, however on Sundays and holidays parking is free. Failure to pay may result in you having to pay a fine which will be more expensive (approx. 20€).

What if your car is removed or the wheels are clamped?
If you park on a surface not intended for parking you may face having your wheels clamped or your car removed.

You can get your wheels unlocked by paying a fine at the Javno podjetje Parkirišča d.o.o. company, at Mačkova 1, 1000 Ljubljana (tel: +386 1 23 00 160). This is open form 6 am to 10 pm. During the night on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays you can find a duty counter at Krekov trg from 10pm to 6 am.

If you do not park your car correctly and cannot find it later when returning do not panic, the city parking service has probably taken it away. You’ll find it at the Auto mobile fairgrounds at Cesta dveh cesarjev. Since this is a bit of a distance, city bus No. 1 is recommended. You pay the fine upon arrival here. (tel: +386 1 257-37-73, +386 1 257-30-90, +386 51 35 88 32).

Management centre is open 24 hours and thus can help you at any time: 
Tel: +386 1 257 47 80, GSM: +386 31 772 926 To avoid spoiling your vacation in this beautiful city and end up paying fines, we recommend respecting the rules of parking. Since Ljubljana is still one of the safest capitals in Europe, the chance of finding your car broken into or stolen is very small. But it is still recommended not to leave valuable things on display all the same.

Motorhome car parks in Ljubljana

Ljubljana offers about 10 camper parking lots, most of which are located outside the city ring. City buses will take you to the city centre. There are a few charging car parks also in the centre of the city but they are not equipped with hook-up facilities and the parking time is limited. As you can get fined if you park your camper van in the city centre we suggest you try to avoid the temptation.

Ljubljana Resort
This tourist and leisure centre has about 150 parking lots for camper vans equipped with electric and water hook-ups, a grey water disposal point and also a chemical toilet emptying point. The campsite is open throughout the year. The reception desk is open from 7 am to 10 pm. The campsite offers all the basic amenities from toilets and showers to laundry. There is also a summer pool, a sauna, tennis court and a fitness center. Distance from the city centre: 6,5 km.
Address: Dunajska cesta 270, 1000 Ljubljana
Telephone: +386 (0)1 589 01 41

Ljubljana Motorhome Stopover Site
The Motorhome Stopover Site is located 7 km east of Ljubljana and has 10 parking spaces for motorhomes. It offers electrical hookups, water hookups, a motorhome wastewater disposal point, a chemical toilet, toilet and wireless internet access. A Ljubljana Public Transport (LPP) bus stop is just 20 metres aways, and bus No. 13 takes you to the city centre.

Address: Cesta II. grupe odredov 82, 1261 Ljubljana
Telephone: + 386 (0)40 345 778