Ljubljana restaurants, cafes and bars

RibcaThe „Ribca“ bistro is situated in the main food market, the masterpiece of the famous Slovenian architect Jože Plecnik. Its close proximty to the largest fish market in Slovenia, makes it an interesting location for visitors, as well as locals. Their cooperation with the fish market assures a daily offering of fresh fish, crab, squid (calamari) and fish salads. A vast range of grilled fish such as swordfish, John Dory, scorpion fish, gilthead seabream and trout is offered. A selection of fried sardines, anchovies, hake, calamari, prawns, octopus salad, sea fruits and fresh salads are available throughout the year. In the spring and summer time you are invited to have a meal in one of the most romantic places in town – by the river with a view of the main square. Open Mon – Fri 8h to 16h, Saturday till 15h, in summer time Ribca will serve you till 22h. 
Address: Adamic Lundrovo nabrezje 1, 1000 Ljubljana

Hisa pod gradom restaurant
This centrally located restaurant -  in immediate proximity Hisa pod gradom restaurant Ljubljanato the open market and castle funicular – offers variety of traditional European dishes served in the ambience of traditional urban house from 1830. Tuck into fish, steaks, house burgers, pastas or tortillas, vegetarians will find their share too. Booking in advance is advisable for groups. Can it be your romantic restaurant to surprise your loved one? Sure! Good quality for reasonable prices.
Address: Streliska 10, 1000 Ljubljana
Phone: + 386 (0)31 484 369
E-mail: info@hisapodgradom.si

Spajza restaurant
Spajza is a cosy restaurant in the historical centre of Spajza restaurant LjubljanaLjubljana where they took a good measure of home cooking and simplicity, mixed it with the right pinch of verve and freshness, peeked under steaming Mediterranean lids and into Tuscan pots and seasoned it all with noble wine, to serve you their best in the decor of our grannies or in the summer freshness of their garden. Mixture of seafood and Spajza΄s traditional choices including goat, venison, home made pastas, desserts accompanied by good Slovenian wine make this an excellent place for either a quiet romantic dinner or a small gathering.
Address: Gornji trg 28, 1000 Ljubljana
Phone: +386 (0)1 425 30 94
E-mail: info@spajza-lj.si

Gallus Tea house
Among 80 sorts you can find white, green, black, fruit, herbal and red teas. Probably the most special one is a sunflower and Plecnik`s herbal tea, prepared the way the great architect Joze Plecnik used to enjoy it. Their ice teas with ginger or orange juice are natural and home made and feel refreshing in hot summer days. Snacks like toasts, croissants and pastry are also on the menu, home made cakes and macrons are definitely worth trying. If you are not a tea expert, don`t worry. Just follow waiters` advice about choice and ways of preparation. There is a lovely summer garden under the chestnut and wild cherry trees with a view of the river. Open every day until midnight.
Address: Gallusovo nabrezje 27, Ljubljana
Phone: +386 1 425 3115

Klobasarna - Kranjska Sausage
“Klobasarna” is a place, positioned in the heart of Kranjska SausageLjubljana’s old town center, where you can treat yourself to an original Slovene Carniolian sausage. The Carniolian sausage is served with a fresh bagel, mustard and horseradish and you can get all this as take-away as well. The name of the product “Carniolian sausage" represents a typical geographical definition of the Slovene ethnic territory. Thus, this is also the reason why “a Carniolian” was actually the second name for “a Slovenian”. Open Monday – Saturday 10 am till 11 pm, Sunnday 10 am till 3 pm.
Address: Ciril-Metodov trg 15, 1000 Ljubljana
E-mail: info@klobasarna.si

Cokl cafe
At Cokl cafe coffee tastes differently. They grill it by themselves so it is always fresh and mixtures are a subject of their current offer. At our visit, we were offered a mixture of Ugandian and Mexican. They promote it under »Buna cofee« brand and what makes it even tastier is the fact that it is a subject of a fair trade. Coffees are prepared with different techniques and in variety of ways. Feel free to ask the staff what are the options. Different equipment for coffee making could be bought here too. The place is fairly small but the athmosphere is warm. As they say: »The place is small but the coffee is big«. Direction: castle funicular, opposite to the Puppet Theatre.
Address: Krekov trg 8, Ljubljana
Phone: +386 (0)41 837 556
E-mail: cafe.cokl@gmail.com

Pod Vrbo
This is a 100 year old guesthouse offering traditional meals Pod vrbo restaurantoriginating from every corner of Slovenia. Dishes are a product of old traditional recepies and modern culinary approaches and consist of seasonal ingredients, what makes them healthy and tasty. The restaurant is famous for its fried chicken, however, you should also not skip their broths, home made gnocchi, vanison goulash, salmon or farm plate. Do not forget to ask for wine list. Since the inn is not located in the very center of Ljubljana, it has a lovely summer garden in shade of trees and a parking place for cars and buses, too. It is locaed in the vicinity of Trnovo church, Plecnik`s house and KUD France Preseren. Closed on Sundays and holidays.
Address: Ziherlova ulica 36, 1000 Ljubljana
Phone: +386 (01) 280 88 92
E-mail: gostilna@podvrbo.si

The first and the only original Horseburger in the world. Horseburger LjubljanaVoted Ljubljana's best fast food restaurant in 2012 by essential turist guides. A stop at Hot-Horse is a must for all first-time and returning visitors. No need to say that their food  is based on horse meat which is rich in proteins and iron and has a low level of fats. On their menu you will find burgers, steaks, wraps, hot-dogs, salads and plenty of toppings by your choice. So give it a try while you are in Ljubljana. Find them in Tivoli Park or BTC shopping centre. Open every day from 9:00am to 6:00am.
Address: Celovska 25 and Smartinska 152, Ljubljana

Mencigar – Nobile restaurant
Mencigar – Nobile restaurantFind a taste of the Prekmurje region and its tradition just a short walk from the open market square. The interior of the restaurant is carefully chosen with wood and natural colours prevailing, while sitting outside on the terrace is also possible. Try typical Prekmurje dishes like Bograch, Tunka or homemade pork sausage with sour turnip, while for dessert the famous Gibanica is a must, though we were told that guests return for pumpkin ice cream also. The choice is yours. You can rent Mencigar-Nobile for private events. Mencigar-Nobile opens its bar every day at 6 a.m. and restaurant at 12 a.m. and closes at 11 p.m. It is closed on Sundays and holidays. Please see their web page for more info.
Address: Zarnikova ulica 3, Ljubljana
Tel: +386 (0)1 43 97 040, E-mail: info@mencigar-nobile.com

Stari Tisler
Stari TislerStari Tisler is not just a restaurant, it´s a monument. Established more than 100 years ago, Stari Tisler's walls whisper tales of coachmen that stopped by for warmth or out of curiosity for the town. Even today the house features the old entrance arch, high ceilings and horse berths on the outside facade. Stari Tisler has retained its level of hospitality throughout the century. It offers a place to stay for travellers and cooks traditional domestic food as it used to do in the past.
Address: Kolodvorska 8, Ljubljana

Juice Bar Juicebox
Juicebox juice bar LjubljanaJuicebox is a juice bar, where you can choose your own smoothie. Juicebox offers fresh juices and smoothies, squeezed in front of you. You can enjoy dairy or non-dairy smoothies, with cereals or nuts, you may also consider adding soy milk, honey or natural boosters like aloe vera, guarana, carrot essence, etc. Britney Pears, Nelly Fruitado or Plums N` Roses, the choice is yours. Daily on Juicebox's dance floor you can hear Pink, Eros Apricotti and many others. We tried it and it was worth it. If you are bored, surf the Net while sipping your smoothie. Find it adjacent to Nama shopping mall or Slon Hotel at Slovenska cesta 38. Open from 7 am to 8 pm, Sat till 3 pm, Sun closed. Tel: +386 (0) 31 372 422, e-mail: info@juicebox.si

Sestica restaurant LjubljanaIf we tell you that even an old Slovenian folk song sings about Sestica, then you can imagine how old it really is. It has served delicious food to Ljubljana citizens since 1776! Even Preseren used to drink here and Plecnik had his seat by the window. If you wish to experience tradition in any aspect, Sestica is the place. Domestic Slovenian food is served in a traditional setting of wood, greenery and carnations. Famous prsut for starters would be a good choice, continue with pecenica with sauerkraut and zganci. Struklji or a Farmer’s platter is a great option as well and prekmurska gibanica for dessert. Not ordering a glass of a first class Slovenian wine, would be a shame. See folk dances in national costumes every Friday night or join to dance with live music on Saturdays. If you are a group, book seats in advance. Sestica is located in the very centre close to Slon hotel. Address: Slovenska cesta 40
Phone: +386 242-08-55, e-mail: info@sestica.si

Gostilna dela
Gostilna Dela is a new restaurant just a stones throw away gostilna dela ljubljanafrom the open market and from the Ljubljana Castle elevator. It is the creation of the JobFactory project
 whereby youth that are threatened with long-term unemployment and social exclusion are helped to enter the world of work. An important goal of the project is developing a model for social integration for vulnerable groups of young people through training and employment. Gostilna Dela employs youth between 17 and 25 years of age and they offer meals and snacks in a pleasant environment at affordable prices. The cousine is prepared in an open kitchen and is consistent with the principles of a healthy diet. Open untill 6 pm.
Address: Poljanska 7, 1000 Ljubljana
Phone: +386 (0)51 491 491  

Pizzeria Foculus
Pizzeria Foculus LjubljanaFounded in 1996, Pizzeria Foculus soon became one of Ljubljana's most popular places, and not without good reason. Not only do they serve pizzas made the traditional way, which gives them that delicious crust, the place itself is something worth seeing also. Foculus is located only steps from the old town walkway by the river, close to architect Plečnik's most famous work The National University Library. Pizzeria´s newly remodelled historical interior includes an original pillar designed by grand master Plečnik himself and an inspiring hand painted arched ceiling, supported by historical pillars. Foculus is open every day from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m., and from 12 a.m. to 12 p.m. on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. 
Address: Gregorciceva 3, Ljubljana
Tel: +386 (0)1 251 56 43
E-mail: foculus@siol.net

Zlato Runo - Georgian Restaurant
Amongst all the international restaurants in Ljubljana, Zlato Runo Restaurant LjubljanaZlato Runo is certainly one to try out. The place has an original feel and is decoratedwith ethnic Georgian motifs such as carpets, paintings and instruments. The food is delicious and is based on beans, cheese, nuts, meat and mushrooms. As the welcoming owner Tamazi says, the food is prepaired with both heart and soul. Do you accept a challenge to drink out of a ram's horn? Gaumarjos! 

A good location, well chosen music and a bohemian atmosphere make this place special and it is very popular among arty types and students. Parties take place in the evenings, while during the day it serves as a café and a restaurant. Although this L-shaped bar seems relatively small, it is constantly full, although despite that it doesn’t feel crowded since smokers occupy the outside part. Open until 1 am. Very recommended!
Address: Rimska 21, 1000 Ljubljana
Phone: +386 1 25 10 324

La Storia Restaurant
La Storia Restaurant LjubljanaLa Storia is an Italian restaurant located in former Hotel Evropa in the city centre. With a well chosen interior and ambient atmosphere, La Storia is perfect for a romantic dinner or a business lunch. If you are in a group, the restaurant can take up to 80 people but make sure you make your reservation in plenty of time.
Address: Gosposvetska 2, Ljubljana

This place is nothing special by itself but the people certainly make it cool, as it has a very bohemian crowd and relaxed atmosphere. Since it's quite small it's a nice place to hide and read a book. Occasionally a daily soup or a stew is offered and it's known for its good coffee and cocoa. Wireless internet is available. Open till 1 am.
Address: Zidovska steza 2, 1000 Ljubljana
Phone: +386 1 425 93 93

Café Union
The café of the Grand Hotel Union is a coffee shop with a story. Its a place to discuss 100 year old memories of our forefathers sitting on the same chairs. A place to discuss politics, to do business or simply to have a chit-chat with the waiter over coffee served in a Balkan “dzezva”. The place is the same as it used to be 100 years ago just the smoke of cigars is gone. A café during the day, it becomes a stage of culture in the evening.
Address: Miklosiceva 1, 1000 Ljubljana
Phone: +386 1 308 18 77

Stara Macka Steak House
Pizzeria Foculus LjubljanaThe concept of the steak house is to provide it's visitors with a top quality, complete steak dinner at an affordable price, served in a warm, comfortable atmosphere with friendly service. The restaurant is an urban escape in the very  centre of the city, suitable for business a meeting or romantic date.
Address: Krojaska 8, Ljubljana

SEM café
Close to the Metelkova district and part of the Slovene Ethnographic Museum, SEM café is a 5-10 min walk from the very centre of town. We have not tasted them yet but delicious cakes are said to be offered to. SEM café is also a place for exhibitions, book presentations, literature evenings or dance nights (swing on Tuesdays and Salsa on Fridays). Open every day until 1 am.
Address: Metelkova 2, 1000 Ljubljana
Phone: +386 1 300 87 00

Krakovski vogal
This is a bar just off the tourist trail. It's a walk from the city centre along the river, past the traffic lights. They offer various tapas, olives and beer.
Address: Krakovski nasip 12, Ljubljana

Vinoteka Movia
Romantic and expensive, take your chic girlfriend here, if you can afford it. Although a glass of wine comes to some 5 euros, I bet you can't stop yourself drinking one or two.
Address: Mestni trg 2, Ljubljana
Phone: +386-(0)1-4255448

Zlata ribica
Restaurant Restaurant Zlata ribicaYour browser may not support display of this image. Zlata ribica (Golden Fish) is placed in one of the oldest houses in Ljubljana. Although the interior is pleasant, we recommend sitting outside by the river where you can expect candles on the tables and a light river breeze. The restaurant is known for variety of first class wines, both Slovenian and foreign. You can choose from traditional Slovenian and Mediterranean dishes. For details and prices please see the menu on their web page. You can even rent a bike (1€/2h). Open every day but New Year day from 11 am-12 pm, weekends from 8 am.
Address: Cankarjevo nabrezje 5-7, Ljubljana
Tel: +386 (0)1 24 12 680, e-mail: zlata.ribica@gpl.si

Cantina Mexicana
Mexican restaurant LjubljanaThis is an excellent Mexican restaurant with huge portions of food big enough for the hungriest man! Any dish such as chilli con carne or chicken salad is more than enough for any human, not to mention a big rumpsteak with hot sauce. Spicy stuff is marked on the menu, so think about your preference in advance. The terrace is a perfect place to show off as well as to meet beautiful girls. The numerous service is fast and efficient, except for one slow wanna-be-chef who did not allow us to take pictures inside, so unfortunately you cannot see it. 
Address: Wolfova ulica 4 (in the passage)
Phone: +386 (0)1 4269325

A Bosnian restaurant situated just off the tourist track, with excellent Sarajevo cuisine at very affordable prices. The menu is very simple - you can choose from 5 or 10 cevapi pieces, and pleskavica (a Balkan hamburger-like meat). The best choice restaurant for a "cevapi and beer" evening! Open until 22:00.
Address: Trnovski pristan 4a, Ljubljana
Phone: +386 (0)41 843106

Zvezda Café
If you've got a sweet tooth, you should mark Zvezda Café on your map as somewhere to stop and rest while sightseeing. The home made cakes they bake are said to be the most delicious in the city. A coffee with a cake is a must, of course. One Café is located in the city centre just by the Congress Square, the second in Hotel Slon, while the third is in BTC shopping district.
Phone: +386 1 421 90 90

Proclaimed itself the first Arabian fast food venue in Slovenia and try their falafel because it's the best. Order maxi size coz the small one will disappear quickly. Ask for special sauces etc. Open daily from 10:00 to midnight.
Address: Trubarjeva 40
Advance orders: +386 (0)41 640166

Le Petit Cafe
Is situated near Krizanke monastery, or (if you prefer) near the National Library, the cafe is an ideal choice for breakfast. They offer a breakfast menu and fresh juice.
Address: Trg francoske revolucije 4

Restaurant of Celica hotel
Hostel Celica restaurantThis popular hostel also houses a restaurant with a terrace, which is open to the public. The menu offers soups, main dishes and salads. A popular place for students to eat, as well as a place to meet fellow travellers.
Address: Metelkova ulica 8

Gostilna and pizzeria Marn
Recommended for visiting during lunchtime. Since there are student halls nearby, this is also a pizza place for students. You might consider visiting after a relaxing afternoon in the Tivoli park, because it's not far from there.
Address: Rozna dolina cesta II/3

Dvorni Bar - Ljubljana wine bar
Dvorni bar is the most popular wine bar in Ljubljana city Dvorni bar Ljubljana winecenter. Here they will treat you with wide variety of domestic and foreign wines, hot beverages and delicious snacks. You can leaf through a newspaper, celebrate a birthday, organize a party or just relax in the pleasant ambience after a hard day. Since it is a family friendly bar with a play area for children, parents can relax. If you are lucky you may hit on one of many cultural events organized in this wine club, like book or musical presentrations or concerts. Every second Wednesday there are promotions of recognized Slovene and foreign winemakers.
Address: Dvorni trg 2, 1000 Ljubljana

Student restaurants
In Ljubljana all the local students are eligible to buy a special coupon, usually for half of the price, to eat at a specific place. They have to buy these coupons (studentski boni) in advance. We list here the list of restaurants that accept these student coupons.

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