La Storia Restaurant Ljubljana

La Storia is situated in the vicinity of Hotel Lev and the K4 club. Their food is based around Mediterranean and Slovenian cookery, thus pasta, sea food and meat dishes are all on the menu.

With twenty-two types of salad in a well stocked salad bar there is more than enough even for the most demanding guests and salad freaks. What we give a big plus to is their offer of home made products. We were served their own home bread and offered first class wine from Slovenian sea region wine cellars, bottled especially for them. If you are a collector you may decide to take one with you. What's more, do not be surprised if their home made pear and plum brandy or vermouth lands on your table after your dessert.

La Storia Restaurant Ljubljana In the summertime take a seat outside, when cocktails, frapes and shakes are served also. If you come for a business lunch or just cannot live without your laptop, La Storia has its own wireless connection.

Book the place in advance if you plan to organize an event or a dinner for a group. Open every day but Sunday from 11h to 20h.

La Storia
Gosposvetska 2
1000 Ljubljana
Phone: +386 (0)30 306 229