Restaurant Zlato Runo

Not many Georgians live in Slovenia, but Tamazi and his family have established a restaurant where their love for their cherished and distant home country and its tastes can be fully appreciated. Zlato Runo is a different and very welcome novelty amongst whats on offer in the area of international cuisine.   

Georgian food
While you are probably wondering what Georgian food tastes like, you shouldn't worry if you are not someone who doesn't often try new things. We tried the majority of dishes from the menu and would eat more if our stomachs allowed us! Georgian food utilise every ingredient that nature generously offers us and while there are a lot of vegetables used, plenty of meat also makes an appearance. All the food is prepared using fresh ingredients from Slovenian eco farms that Tamazi carefully chooses so the food will be as authentic as possible.  
zlato runo georgian restaurant ljubljana
There is Hachapuri –  a salty white cheese (made from cow's milk) in dough or perhaps you might like to have Lobiani for a starter, whichis comparable to Hachapuri but with beans. If you are more of a meat lover try Chashushuli – meat in tomato sauce or Shashlik or Kababi – roasted meat served with vegetables. Mushrooms with cheese is certainly something to try, just remember to eat them in one piece to feel the full taste of the mushroom juice. If you order bread you will be served Lavashi, which is a special Georgian bread. For a dessert try Pelamushi, it's not too sweet and makes a perfect way to finish your meal.    

Georgian wines
When you visit Zlato Runo, leave Slovene beer and wines aside. You will be surprised to find out, how tasty Georgian wines are. They mature in big clay amphoras placed underground. We tried some dry and some sweet wines and got along perfectly with the taste of these Georgian delicacies. You can also buy the wine in special bottles with the crests of Georgia and Tbilisi. If you prefer stronger drinks, you should try traditional Georgian brandy.   

Tamazi explains that Georgians are peaceful people with a lot of love for their land and its visitors. Before every meal it is traditional in Georgia to make a toast. It is a toast to good health, but most of all to peace and harmony.   

Restaurant location
Zlato Runo is located just behind the Ljubljana main train station. Walk the subway to the other side of the station and cross the road. The restaurant is situated on a quiet street in a residential area.  

It is open every day from 11 am to 22 pm. Mondays and holidays it is closed.  

Zlato Runo
Stihova 2
1000 Ljubljana
Phone: +386 31 845863