Services in Ljubljana

On this page we list useful services for both tourists and locals that we daily use. The listing is not sponsored, therefore we only include quality services in Ljubljana. Your own experiences and feedback is welcome.

Slovenian language teacher

Qualified teacher of Slovene language and culture.
Several years of tailoring courses to suit individual needs. Tourist and cultural trips through the city.
Gsm: +386 31 804443
Ljubljana, Slovenia

Cyber cafes

Internet cafes in Ljubljana
As internet is getting more and more useful when travelling, we give you an insight of high speed cyber cafes in Ljubljana to check for your optional hotel or hostel, see when your train is leaving or what to see in the city. Besides, when your memory card on your camera is full, internet cafes can help you with it. Sometimes it just feels good to simply surf the net and sip a cup of coffee.

Hair salons

Blondi hair saloon
Blondi salon hair cutBlondi is a lovely family run hair dressing saloon on Gornji trg. Service is proffessional and you will pay half the price of some other saloons in the old town. Call them in advance or just come when you like, you wont be rejected. Find Blondi yellow board leading you to a small street tunnel from the square. Mon-Fri until 7pm, Sat till 1 pm, Sundays and holidays Blondi is closed.
Levstikov trg 8, Ljubljana
Tel: +386 (0)1 425 16 15

MIC Styling
Is a professional hair dressing service, with 4 branches in Ljubljana. We have experienced one at Kongresni trg 4, phone: 2414040, and Poljanska cesta 14, phone: 2347070. While the first one has more hair stylists available, the one at Poljanska is more cozy with a friendly ambience. Basic hair cut for men costs from 20 Euros.

Veterinary Clinics in Ljubljana

Prva Klinikavet ljubljana
In case you have taken your pet on your trip and it needs medical assistance, Prva Klinika specializes in treating cats and dogs working in the fields of ortopedy, internal disease, dermatology, stomatology, oftalmology, general surgery, physiotherapy, laboratory diagnostics... However if your pet just needs its hair cutting then this can be done also. There is a store selling accessories, dietry products, food and other items that your pet may need open just across the road. Open Mon – Fri from 8 am to 7 pm, Sat 8-12 am.
Address: Gorkiceva 6, 1000 Ljubljana
Phone: +386 (0)1 200 51 80

Laundry service

Chemo Express
Address: Vidovdanska ulica 2, 1000 Ljubljana
Phone: +386 (0)1 231 07 82

Public toilets in Ljubljana

Sometimes there are seconds that seem like hours.... and there are minutes that seem like days. Time runs pretty slow when you urgently need a place to relieve yourself. Bars` and restaurants` toilets are free to use as long as you are a customer. If not, you may be politely refused or asked to buy yourself a drink. Try not to pee in public places as you may get fined. A good news is that Ljubljana has a number of clean and free public toilets in the very centre of town.

Locations of public toilets:

Most of the lavatories are open every day until 11 or 12 pm. Congress square, Butchers` bridge and Plava laguna toilets are also disabled friendly. Butchers` bridge toilet has a baby changing table as well.