Shopping in Ljubljana

Smetumet Craddle - Recycled handmade goodies
The Cultural-ecological fellowship known as Smetumet is a Smetumet shopconsequence of critical thinking applied to the structures of modern life. They emphasize the problems of waste and the general attitudes of society towards the environment and humanity. Combining art, ecology and design they re-evaluate our attitudes towards nature, consumption, waste and our overall way of life. The products are carefully designed, handmade, locally produced and carry a strong message of awareness. Through collecting and examining waste, new ideas are born. In Smetumet these ideas are realized and manifest themselves in useful items. Stroll down to Tivoli park and browse their handmade bags, notebooks, pens, picture frames, mirrors, buttons, belts and clothes...or just visit them for a chat, exchange of ideas or a cup of tea.
Address: Celovska 53, Ljubljana

3Muhe – Fair Trade Shop
Tri Muhe fair trade shop LjubljanaThis charming shop, curiously named 3Muhe, or 3Flies in English, is the only Fair Trade shop in Slovenia and is located in the heart of the historic city centre of Ljubljana. The shop sells various products from all over the world including food products, natural cosmetics, musical instruments, jewellery, toys, fashionable accessories and so on. As a part of the global Fair Trade movement, the 3Muhe shop aims to assist marginalised producers and workers in developing countries achieve a decent standard of living. Fair Trade promotes a trade system that focuses on people and champions social, economic and environmental justice, strives for a safe and healthy work environment for producers, and builds on long-term work co-operation and fair wages. It significantly contributes to sustainable development of our environment by encouraging handicraft, environmentally sound farming and the use of natural and recycled materials.
Open Mon-Fri from 10.00 to 19.30, Sat from 10.00 to 14.00.
Address: Stari trg 30, Ljubljana


TINA DesignTina Design
Slovenian designer of unique jewelry and unique products Tina Vehovar is also known for its brand name TINA Design, which has become an increasingly established brand in our country and abroad. Her products are extravagant, distinctive and unique. She likes to design and combine materials in her own, unique way. Apart from the unique jewelry, worn by many famous Slovene celebrities, her offer also includes handbags and other accessories, home decor (house numbers, lighting, wall clocks) and attractive gifts. You can check and order her products in her online store as well.

Address: Vegova ulica 12, Ljubljana (near NUK and Krizanke)
Phone: +386 (0)51 355 755

KODA 386

KODA 386 is fashion boutique with new concept – it combines threeKoda 386 fashion Ljubljana Slovenian designers: Matevz Faganel, Nina Susnjara and Sanja Grcic. The innovative approach to fashion, high quality materials and »Made in Slovenia« is what makes Koda 386 the »must visit« shopping spot in Ljubljana. The three brands M*Faganel, Nina Susnjara and Firma by Sanja offer fashion for different occasions and individual styles. Open from 10 am to 7 pm, Saturdays from 11 am to 2.30 pm.
Address: Tavčarjeva 4, Ljubljana
Phone: +386 (0)590 333 50

MultiDesigner Lounge Boutique PODIUM presents unique fashion and Podium fashion store Ljubljanajewelry designers from Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria, Italy and New Slovenian brand LUCKY TO WEAR. Find your piece of clothing which will remind you that you are lucky to be a woman! Enjoy trying on in a female (and pet friendly) atmosphere with cup of tea, biscuits, chocolate and mandarins. Podium is the beginning of romance with Comfort and Style for every woman who knows that she is LUCKY TO BE A WOMAN. Located in the very center of the old town.
Address: Stari trg 4, 1000 Ljubljana
Phone: +386 (0)31 232 811

The popular fashion store is situated on the corner of Slovenska cesta and Cankarjeva ulica, a minute walk from the Preseren square. Address: Cankarjeva 2, Ljubljana.

A four-storey clothes store on a busy shopping street that offers denim clothes for ladies and men, accessories, underwear and fashions for young people in general. 
Open Monday to Friday 9-21h, Saturday 9-20h.
Address: Copova 42, Ljubljana


Record shops

Jazz and Blues
Jazz Blues music shop Ljubljana
This is a very cool shop. Every disc is a piece of music history, so this is a great place to get presents for your friends. There is the possibility to trade second hand CD's and they also have some cool t-shirts and backpacks for all lovers of music merchandise. Talk to the friendly owner about your favourite tunes, but don't forget to buy something!
Address: Trubarjeva 40, Ljubljana
Open: Monday 16h-19h, Tuesday-Friday 10h-19h, Saturday 9h -13h

Spin Vinyl
Spin Vinyl Music shop LjubljanaA Rock 'n' Roll second-hand shop that offers a selection of rock, alternative, underground, jazz, blues, electronic and classical music on LP, CD and DVD, and is also able (and willing) to provide information on what's going on in Ljubljana's music scene. If you are looking for something special, just visit or give them a call. The shop opens every day at 11 am and stays open till 7 pm during the week, and on Saturday and Sunday till lunch time.
Address: Gallusovo nabrezje 13, Ljubljana

Hidden in a tiny street parallel to the river, this music shop specializes in rock, hard rock and metal music on CD. There is also box of second hand and discounted CD's on offer. Open on Monday till Friday from 12 am untill 7 pm.
Address: Zidovska ulica 3, Ljubljana
Phone: 01/4269250

Dallas Music Shop
A pleasant record shop in the centre, across from the Slovenska cesta. Offers a good selection of dance and techno music, including Slovenian artists. A limited number of LPs are available as well.
Address: Rimska 14, Ljubljana

Authentic souvenirs

Krasevka souvenirsYou can find the local pulse of the Primorska countryside in the heart of Ljubljana's old city centre. The family run »Krasevka« offers homemade food products from the Kras and Brkini region. Each product is carefully selected, possesses the highest degree of quality and is of local origin. The products predominately originate from family farms, which have passed down the cooking and preparation techniques from generation to generation. Try the famous Prsut with organic goat or sheep's cheese - Refosk or Merlot wine fit perfectly with this. And don’t forget to try the best olive oil in the Mediterranean! Plum or apple home-made vinegar can be a great substitute to commercially produced alternatives. Choose from fruity delights, brandy, honey, various herbs, teas and dried mushrooms or just buy yourself a handy souvenir. Very home made, very traditional, very recommended!
Address: Ciril Metodov trg 10, Ljubljana
Phone: +386 (0)1 23 21 445, E-mail:

Idrija Lace Gallery
Idrija laceHandmade Idrian lace has been produced by local women since the 17th century in the region of Idria, which lies a little to the west of Ljubljana. There is a shop in the centre of Ljubljana where you can see many original beautiful lace items. A beautiful, small and private gallery of the best lace works is situated in the old part of the city on Mestni trg. All of them originate from Idrija, the town of laces and are made in accordance with agreed standards. These products of high artistic value and old tradition have been a synonym for prestige and quality since the beginning. Get yourself a napkin or a table cover, curtains or bed linen, or even a dress or jewellery made out of lace. Of course all the exhibits are for sale as well.
Address: Mestni trg 17, Ljubljana
Phone: +386 31 314 558, E-mail:

Piranske soline
Salt is the sea that could not return to the sky. This shop offers products based on salt made in a traditional way on the coasts of Northern Mediteranian. Piran salt is supposed to be one of the finest and products out of it, too. Table salt, salt flower, bath salts, soaps with salt, salt peelings, even a salt chocolate can be found here. It is worth a look. You may get also an idea for a gift! Open till 8pm, Saturdays untill 4 pm, Sunday till 3 pm.
Address: Mestni trg 19, 1000 Ljubljana

Galerija Rustika
Rustika souvenir shopSlovenia has a rich and very diverse history of handicrafts, originating from various traditions, beliefs, ways of living, habits and customs. Items produced manually in a traditional way are unique and are often the most appreciated. If you do not know what “panjska koncnica” is, why witches are good or how honey liqueur tastes like, visit Galerija Rustika. Besides traditionally painted chests, books about the city, and wines and national foods, many wooden and clay artefacts (made with love and patience) can be yours to buy. You can find two Galerija Rustika shops in Ljubljana. One is at Ljubljana castle and the other one in front of Tourist Information Center by the Triple Bridge, Stritarjeva Street 9.
Phone.: +386 (0) 31 383 247

Dom - Souvenirs
Dom souvenir shopLocated by the road side of the Ljubljana market, Dom is pleasant, relatively big and has much to offer. It houses a nice and extensive collection of souvenirs with Ljubljana and Slovenian motives. The collection is enriched by traditional Slovenian handicraft, different sculptures and pottery, thus it is also a place to buy a present for any occasion. Prices are reasonable. It is open Monday - Friday from 8:00 till 19:00 and on Saturdays till 15:00.
Address: Ciril-Metodov trg 5, Ljubljana
Phone: +386 (0)1 2347630

Vonj narave (Smell of Nature)
»VonjNarave« is a shop located in the historic city ofLjubljana Shopping Ljubljana, at the cross-roads of Precna and Trubarjeva street. It offers a nice range of items for the home and garden such as: lamps, mirrors, baskets, furniture etc. All items are made of natural materials such as wood, ceramics, iron and glass, including some nice pieces of furniture made of solid wood. Fragrances for the home, especially candles ( such as the »Yankee Candle«) are an important part of the shop's appeal.
Many handycraftsmen sell their products in »VonjNarave«, thus you can find a wide range of souvenirs there. Among these items a tourist can find all kinds of gifts for his family and friends.
Address: Precna ulica 2, Ljubljana
Phone: +386 (0)1 6209771

Bookshops in Ljubljana

Ljubljana's citizens read a lot and there is an abundance of bookshops, many of which have English books.

Antiquarian bookshop and gallery of old prints Glavan
This  antiquarian bookshop can be found in the lower Antiquariat store Glavanpassage of the Maximarket store, in front of the entrance to the Cankarjev dom cultural centre. In this family company lovers and explorers of printed cultural heritage joined their knowledge and experiences. They can also give you an advice on the old print’s assortment, prepare an expert opinion or make a judicial estimation. They are specialized in old and rare prints, except for old money and postage stamps. Some old-books window-shopping can be done for example while waiting for a concert in Cankarjev dom. A parking garage is just nearby, in front of the Slovenian Parliament building. Open from 9 am till 7.30 pm, on Saturdays until 1 pm, on Sundays and holidays the bookshop is closed.
Address: Trg republike 2, 1000 Ljubljana
Phone: +386 (0)1 476 31 60
Mobile: +386 (0)31 724 580

Bookshop LjubljanaTrubarjev Antiquariat
Specializes in old books and graphics, also organizes auctions of old books and prints.
Mestni trg 25, Ljubljana
Phone: +386-(0)1 2442683

Oxford Center Ljubljana
Oxford Center Ljubljana offers the most extensive choice of foreign literature in Ljubljana, especially for the learning of languages. You will find it near the Dragon Bridge opposite the Slovenian Tourist Information Centre. Open until 07.00 pm, Saturdays till 1 pm.
Address: Kopitarjeva 2, 1000 Ljubljana
Phone: +386 1 360 37 87

Knjigarna Konzorcij 
Konzorcij Bookshop is the biggest bookshop in Slovenia with more than 70.000 different books. Here you can find different monographs about Slovenia, a wide selection of tourist guides and many books in English, German, Italian and other European languages. Open until 07.30 pm, Saturdays till 2 pm.
Address: Slovenska 29, 1000 Ljubljana
Phone: +386 1 241 06 55

Jewelry stores

Ruby & Sapphire Lanka
Ruby & Sapphire Lanka provides a personalized approach to jewellery design, creating timeless jewellery that resonates warmth and romance. Their designs are unique and crafted in Sri Lanka using an innovative combination of traditional techniques. Ruby & Sapphire Lanka designers place a strong emphasis on quality of design and materials, using only the finest gems to create elegant jewellery. Their mission is to create and sell high quality, exquisitely crafted jewellery and unique gemstones that will last for a lifetime.
Address: Mestni trg 8, Ljubljana


Ferjan Antiques
In the first floor studio in a building on Mestni trg this antique shop offers various artifacts, both old and restored. Furniture and ornaments such as cabinets, drawers, chairs, jewelry, mirrors, clocks, paintings, ceramics etc are for sale. They also offer advice on interior decoration and run a restoration service for old objects.
Address: Mestni trg 21, Ljubljana
Phone: +386 1 4261815

Shopping malls

BTC Ljubljana
The biggest shopping mall in Ljubljana is BTC City, which is a multiplex of malls situated some 3 km from the city centre in direction to Maribor. Here you will find everything from household appliances, electronic goods, computers, to furniture, fashion; there are also numerous restaurants, bars, gyms, multiplex cinema, a bowling center, casino etc.. Accessible by car or bus no. 27. General opening hours are from Monday to Saturday 09:00 - 20:00.

The shopping mall is situated in the setting of an unappealing concrete building next to the Republic square in the city centre. The mall offers some of the fanciest brands of clothes, cosmetics and accessories and houses a convenient supermarket, with a special department for health food. During the week, the mall is open from 9.00 till 21.00, and 8.00-17.00 on Saturdays. You cannot miss it: Trg republike 1, next to the Cankarjev dom cultural center. See on the map of Ljubljana.

City Park
Adress: Smartinska cesta 152g, 1000 Ljubljana
Phone: +386 (0)1 587 30 50

Galerija Emporium
Adress: Presernov trg 5a, 1000 Ljubljana
Phone: +386 (0)1 30 84 210

Nama is located in the very center just opposite to Slon Hotel. Here you will find top elegant and trendy brands of womensware, mensware, cosmetics and accessories, clothes for youth and kids, homeware, gifts and also groceries. There is also a cafe and a culinary corner for a quick snack. Open from Monday to Saturday from 8.30 to 20.00. Sundays closed.
Adress: Tomsiceva ulica 1, 1000 Ljubljana
Phone: +386 (0)1 425 83 00

Street markets in Ljubljana

Town`s market
Ljubljana marketThe biggest market is Mestna trznica (Town's market). Fresh fruits and vegetables, souvenirs, handicrafts, the smell of fresh bread and music of the street musicians are all mixed with the inevitable shouts of merchants. Since Ljubljana is a relatively small and clean city, natural products produced in the outskirts of the city and all over the country are offered here, mostly cultivated and prepared in a traditional or eco-friendly way. Home-made bread, fish, sauerkraut, horse pate, oils and many different sorts of cheeses are just a few examples of what's on offer. The market is open every day but Sunday from early morning until 4 pm. The best time is on Saturday morning. The stalls closest to the main path are usually the most expensive ones. Have a look deeper into the market if you look for bargains. Since the goods are cheap, it is handy to have small change available.
Address: Pogacarjev trg 1, 1000 Ljubljana

ARTish Market and Festival
Every last Saturday of a month there is a selling exhibiton of unique products of Slovenian creators and artists. There are also free creative workshops for adults and children, theatre performances, music concerts, charity projects such as exchange of used clothes, and various fundraising events. The event takes place at Stari and Gornji trg square.

Art market
Art market takes place every Saturday from May to October along the Old Town of Ljubljana. Different artists present their works of art on the street, followed by artistic workshops for children and youth. A chance to see how creative people Slovenes really are. Wish for the sun, since the event is canceled in case of a bad weather.
Phone: +386 (0)31 27 57 81

Open Kitchen
Treat yourself to tastes of Slovenian and international dishes at this unique food market. Every Friday from March till October Pogacarjev trg smells divine as the square is filled with stalls where chefs prepare countless varieties of different foods. The place is usually crowded so prepare for queues and sitting on the stone steps of the market. In case of rain pans remain dry.

The countryside in the City: Gastronomy Products from Slovenian Farms

The event presents home made products from numerous Slovenian farms form different Slovenian regions. Bread, cheeses, fruit, vegetables, wine, potica, meat products, spirits,.... Also ethnological features of certain regions are presented as music, clothes and dances. Place of venue: Central Market at Pogacarjev trg square adjacent to the Tripple bridge and Preseren square. It takes place four times a year: 19th March, 16th April, 14th May and 3rd September.

Creative Fair
Every Tuseday from May to December unique handmade products are exhibited and on sale. From lether to textile, from fine art paintings to jewellwry and natural cosmetics. Located in the Maximarket passage, adjacent to the Parliament building and Cankarjev dom. Address: Trg republike 1. Free creative workshops in the afternoon!

FairArt Fair

It is a fair of unique hanmade artistic products of arts and crafts of inovative young Slovenian designers. It takes place once per month, placed at the main open city market.

Christmas market
Every day from the 3rd of December until the 2nd of January numerous cultural and festive events take place on different locations in the city center. Among the numerous stands with paintings, wood products, gloves, sweaters, shals, home made delicacies, liquers, honey and chocolate products you may find ideas for your Christmas gifts. While searching for the right ones, let a glass of hot wine keep you warmer.

Flea markets

Antiques market along the river
Ljubljana flea marketThe flea market on Cankarjevo nabrezje along by the river is held each Sunday from about 8am till the lunch time. The market is a pleasant walk and offers all kind of antiques, arts and curiosities. The market is a hobby for many sellers and they are keen to give good advice if you are looking for something in particular.

Flea market - Vic
A popular market for locals who look for bargains and second hand goods, including used bikes, cars, appliances, clothes, etc. The market is open Sundays from 7am till 1pm, but the best time is maybe 9am when all the stalls are already open and there is still a good choice of goods. To get there you should take a bus no.1 in the direction Nedeljski sejem (Sunday market). There is an entrance fee of 0.80 Euro to the market area and there is car parking charge as well.

Food and alimentation


Supermarket Spar - Palace Kapitelj
A small, but dependable and relatively new supermarket in the city centre, situated in the modern building of the Kapitelj palace.  
Open Monday-Friday from 8 till 20h, Saturday till 17h.
Address: Poljanski nasip 8, Ljubljana


Mihalek Confectionery
Slascice Mihalek is a boutique Family Conditorei where Mihalek Confectionery Ljubljanaconnoisseurs go. They cater for a discerning and sophisticated palate and for the health conscious who want to avoid the mass produced, sugar and additive laden sweets. Cakes and crisp biscuits, made daily on the premises, vie for attention with the delicious vegan ice creams. Those who dream of traditional cakes such as poticas or new age raw cakes will find them there. The finest natural ingredients are used, eggs come from organic farms only. They follow traditional recipes but use alternative natural sweeteners for vegan products. This is the one place you can indulge your sweet tooth, enjoy the sublime cake on your plate without any guilt feelings. Located near to Tivoli Park.
Address: Celovška 56, 1000 Ljubljana
Phone: +386 (0)1 2319 111

Absolutely brilliant chocolate shop hidden in the old town. Home made chocolates, sweets, diabetic chocolates, bonbons, marzipan, and the famous Preseren candy balls. Chocolates are always a good present. 
Address: Mestni trg 11, Phone: 01/4210453

Healthy food shops

Zrno do Zrna
Wide selection of grains, including sunflower, pumpkin seeds, soya and soya products.
Trubarjeva 8, Ljubljana

Zdravo in naravno
Healthy and Natural shopWith the environmental issues our planet and its inhabitants have to face, going back to nature is the only approach that can help Earth and its many species live longer and ease the damage that has already been done. The name “Zdravo in naravno” means Healthy and Natural. Besides organic food produced by farmers all across the country, “green” products that are useful in everyday life are also on offer: deodorants, shampoos, cosmetics, detergents, water filters etc.

Bike shops

Bike shop Rog
Rog Sport at Trubarjeva street 76 has new city bikes, but its bike service around the corner sells second hand bikes as well. Their bike repair service is extremely expensive - in other words a rip-off.
Phone: 01/4305410

Bike Center Brake Point
A bike shop in the neighbourhood of Siska specializes in new mountain bikes. The shop is open Monday to Friday 9h -19h.
Address: Celovska c. 59, Phone: 01 / 4304281, E-mail:


The first and only true concept store in Ljubljana, Flat Ljubljanawhich since its opening, in 2007, has become the place where new trends are set. In Flat you can browse through the selection of innovative furniture and accessories for home or the office, pick up a gourmet chocolate, a stylish T-shirt or even a top design Italian bicycle. The young and extremely creative owners are doing a great job in selecting unique, modern and humorous products and displaying them in a gallery-like environment. Flat is also a great place for finding the perfect gift idea for a birthday, a wedding or when invited to dinner by friends or family. In Flat there is something for everyone - everything from recycled cardboard vases to baroque style chandeliers, beautifully scented Italian air fragrances, natural cosmetics from the South of France, colourful alarm clocks, humorous gadgets for your iPhone...we could go on and on... A must see!
Address: Miklosiceva 18, 1000 Ljubljana

Pharmacies and health products

Centralna lekarna
Central Pharmacy Ljubljana is a large, traditional apothecary situated on the Preseren square. Open from Monday to Friday from 7:30am till 19:30pm and till 13:00pm on Saturdays. In the summer the pharmacy is open 30 minutes longer on the week days. 
Address: Presernov trg 5, Ljubljana
Phone: 01/2442360, homepage:

Health products and ortopaetic gadgets.
Leskoskova 4, Ljubljana

Computers and appliances

Tech Trade Center
Whether you need a new notebook, some computer equipment, or just a LAN cable, there is no need to travel to BTC shopping, as there is a computer shop near to the centre of the city, just next to the Hotel Lev. Open Monday to Friday from 8am till 8pm, Saturdays from 9am till 15h. Address: Vosnjakova 5, Ljubljana. Phone: 01/4340108
Homepage and online shop:

Shops open on Sundays


Trgovina ob Ljubljanici
A small grocery shop is open on Sundays. It has just very basic food, cheap wine, beers, eggs, pasta, etc.
Address: Krakovski nasip 16, Ljubljana

Trgovina Nadja
Small shop, on the main street, with anything you may need to make your Sunday snack. Bread, yoghurt, toilet paper, etc.
Address: Stari trg 17

Mercator 6-24h
Address: Trzaska cesta 37b.

Sex shops in Ljubljana
There are a number of sex shops in Ljubljana and we have decided to include them, just to make our shopping guide comprehensive. This information may come in handy for all visitors over 18 who are coming for a kinky weekend with a partner, or just alone. There are a number of sex shops situated in the centre, some at more discrete locations than others.