Ljubljana sex shops

Venera sex shop - city center
Venera sex shop LjubljanaTrubarjeva ulica 43, Phone: 01 / 4324183
Opening hours are from 12:00 till 19:00 or 19:30, but on Saturdays its only open in the morning. 
The Venera has more sex shops in Ljubljana, one is on Vosnjakova 5 near Hotel Lev, another one on Trzaska cesta 63, and one in the neighbourhood of Bezigrad on Topniska street 35. 
The corporate homepage already contains some explicit images, so please copy this only if you are 18+:

Red shop
Red Shop sex store is located in the very centre of Ljubljana and Red Shop sex Ljubljanawas the first store of its kind in Slovenia and all of the former Yugoslavia as well. The selection on offer is wide and rich as you can find all the latest sex toys and accessories that the sex industry has to offer. As technology progresses, sex toys evolve - only the staff of this store remain the same -  kind and helpful to their customers.
Address: Gornji trg 24, 1000 Ljubljana

Condom shop
Slovenian and Ljubljana girls are known for their beauty far Condoms Ljubljanaacross the national borders. That is no surprise since Slovenia lies on a crossroads of Slavic, Germanic and Romanic world and has been an important merchant and transit territory for ages, while the Balkans with Turkish and Yugoslav influences from the past has given the people a special visual and personal character. If you happen to find a love of your life while in Ljubljana,  make sure you use protection. There are 34 million people living with HIV today in the world, do not become one of them. In Slovenia HIV rate is still relatively low but rising. You can easily find and order condoms and lubes of different producers, sizes, styles and tastes on this site: Kondomanija.
E-mail: info@kondomanija.si

Sex shop – Spletna Fuzija
This sex shop offers everithing you can imagine. From erotic toys Sex toysto stimulators, condoms, vibrators, erotic clothes, erotic books, games, even furniture that fits your needs. This shop runs mainly online but they will welcome you any time in their shop located in Siska district of Ljubljana. The site is in Slovene only. Google translate can help a lot.
Address: Ulica Jozeta Jame 14, 1210 Ljubljana
E-mail: info@skrivnosti.com

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