Glej Theatre Ljubljana

Glej Theatre is a unique place amongst capital's theatres. This small and unusual theatre hall (that found its place in former stables) gives an impression of strong connection between audiences and performers on stage. The latter are mostly up and coming young theatre-makers (actors, directors, costume and scene designers, musicians etc.)
Glej Theatre Ljubljana
Place of bold programming and young creators
Artistic programme of Glej indicates a strong orientation towards new generations of creators with its openness and encouragement to experiment and develop in the field of performing arts. Due to lack of venues that would allow creators to simply create instead of »produce«, Glej opened its doors with different sub-programmes named »Miniature«, »Debut« and in 2013 the very well-received »Resident« programme. The one year resident programme is the only residency of this kind in Slovenian theatre sphere: a director or an artistic group is given an opened theatre space for a period of one year, while he/she/they dedicate themselves to present their work to the public in constructive ways (open rehearsals, works-in-progress, new premiers).

Language is no barrier
Besides support of Slovenian theatre-makers, Glej Experimental Theatre Glej Ljubljanahosts different guest performances in its »Across the border« programme. It is no coincidence that some of the most experimental and interesting performances from foreign contemporary theatres took place in Glej. As a part of its »foreign« programme, in 2013 Glej launched »Glej, in English«: a series of theatre performances in English language that takes place each 1st Saturday of the month at Glej, giving an unique opportunity to enjoy theatre to expats, tourists and
others who would like to see what goes on in Glej.

Gregorciceva 3, Ljubljana
Phone: +386 1 251 66 79