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There are different kinds of walking tours provided by Ljubljana.info tour guides, who are happy to share their deep knowledge of Ljubljana with visitors of this charming city - tours on history, architecture, food, nature, churches, craft beer .... Ljubljana.info tour guides are licensed and carefully chosen to bring you the best of Ljubljana.

Classic guided tour of Ljubljana

Did you know that the oldest wooden wheel in  the Guided Tours Ljubljanaworld was found in Ljubljana? Did you know that Ljubljana was founded by the old Romans 2000 years ago with the name Emona? Did you know that two strong earthquakes have influenced the visual image of the city of today? Did you know that there is a beautiful medieval castle standing above the city? Did you know that Ljubljana was a capital of Dutchy of Carniola for centuries? Did you know that Ljubljana is demographicaly one of the youngest capitals in Europe with 60.000 students? Did you know that one of the cleanest rivers running through world capitals runs through Ljubljana? Did you know that Ljubljana is declared a European green capital for 2016? Embrace 5000 years of city history with a guide.

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Slovenian craft beer tour

Beer tour LjubljanaAre you interested in art, history and architecture? Are you also a beer fan? If the answer to both questions is »You betcha!« or »For sure!« or »You can bet the farm on it!« or »You bet your sweet patootie!«, then you are welcome to join us on a tour that includes both - sightseeing and "beer tasting". While admiring the beauty of Ljubljana, observing its people and conversing about Slovenian history and culture, we take our time to make a stop or two and taste some of the best craft beers in Slovenia.

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Green Capital of Europe 2016 tour
Have you heard that Ljubljana has an honour to hold Green capital of Europe tourthe title of the Green Capital of Europe 2016? Find out why! Join us for a stroll along green embankments of the river Ljubljanica, further on through city`s parks and even through incredibly green streets of the city center. Many improvements in achieving high ecological standards in the past few years have brought Ljubljana among the greenest and the cleanest capitals of Europe. The tour can take from 2 to 3 hours, your choice, and even though its main focus is on the green, we will also be glad to provide you with all the other information you may be interested in.

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Create your Ljubljana
This tour is appropriate for those of you who have Ljubljana paint touralways wanted to stand with a brush in front of a painting canvas. Transform into a real street painter and join us on a trip through colurful Ljubljana. Get to know the city, its people, architecture and nature in a fun, relaxed and creative way! You`ll be surprised to discover so many details of the city that you wouldn`t even notice otherwise. No prior knowledge of painting is needed and fears or concerns are unnecessary. Our mentor is there to help you express your painting creativity and to paint the canvas you will gladly take home as a souvenir and maybe even put it on a wall inside your home. Get to know Ljubljana and your artistic self. Length of the tour is 3 hours.  

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Ljubljana boat tour

Ljubljana boat tourThis Ljubljana boat tour offers you a unique experience of walking and a boat ride. Cruise through the historic Ljubljana city center on the languid Ljubljanica River and be embraced by the sights and sounds traversing 5,000 years. From Ancient Greek legends to romantic cafe's, you will feel the timeless soul of this magical journey. Follow the course of Jason and the Argonauts, imagine the ancient Roman culture that once lived here, feast your eyes on the medieval castle and historic buildings above you. As you pass under charming bridges you will hear the sweet laughter of children and of lovers; the cafe-life along the embankment. We welcome you on this boat tour. The Ljubljanica River gives you a different view on life!

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Ljubljana Castle guided Tours

After its renovation at the end of the last century, Ljubljana castleLjubljana Castle has become the main tourist attraction of the city. Offering a spectacular view of the city, its far surroundings with the Alps, the Castle hill also invites with its 3000 years of rich history, lively athmosphere and rich cultural program: concerts, exhibitions, theatre events, museums, weddings and culinary experiences. Get to know it with a guided tour. Any day of the year and in several different languages.

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Central cemetery tour
Explore Ljubljana`s history and art from another Ljubljana cemetery Zale tourperspective. Get to know the Central cemetery! Visiting a cemetery my sound depressing for some, but we assure you that a walk through the central Ljubljana`s cemetery is far from that. The most impressive part is the monumental entrance with a big arch and interesting small shrines designed by the famous Ljubljana`s architect Joze Plecnik. And it does not end here... The tour is 2 hours long and provides a glimpse of distant times and detailed view into the 20th century.

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Zoom Your Experience

Ljubljana is maybe small but it`s cute, old and it`s Zoom your experience tourromantic with numerous bridges and a river running through. Explore Ljubljana`s most photogenic side your personal way! Whether you want to capture your best moments in Ljubljana with your love, friends or family, or you maybe want to document your one time proposal or even corporate events, we have got you covered. Let our profesional photographer document your moments in the most beautiful corners of the city. Memories that you take home with you will never be forgotten.  

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Ljubljananjam - Ljubljana culinary walksLjubljananjam - Ljubljana food walks
Want to eat your way through the city? Search no more, take a gourmet foodwalk and discover Ljubljana through your tastebuds. Ljubljananjam brings you customized, personal and local foodwalks and everything delicious you need to know about Ljubljana: in very small and intimate groups we'll take you to the best kept dining secrets in the city centre. Sip, taste, repeat!
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Ljubljana Digital Tour Guide

If you prefer to discover places by yourself, you can get yourself a digital mp4 player guide, which is available in English, German or Italian. It will help you learn about the city`s history, attractions and everything else you should know about Ljubljana. You can rent it at the Tourist Information Center by the Triple Bridge (Adamic-Lundrovo 2) or at the Slovenian Tourist Information Center, just opposite to the Castle funicular (Krekov trg 10). For 5 hour rental: 10 €.

Wine Tasting Ljubljana
When you have just about seen all that the city center of charming Ljubljana has to offer, it’s time to pamper your taste buds. And Wine tasting Ljubljana has just what you need. 7 outstanding Slovenian wines that best reflect diverse wine making regions in an unforgettable atmosphere of a 300-years old wine cellar. Want to experience an aromatic Muscat, while you are still enchanted by a fruity Refosco? Say no more! An interactive, fun and knowledgeable wine tasting will bring out the true wine buff in you. Experienced wine experts will take you through aromas and smells, while you learn some fun historic facts on Slovenia and show you some tips and tricks on the proper wine tasting manners. And yes, we didn’t forget about the snacks that best pair with the unique selection of wines. For all who are eager in getting to know wine and for already experienced wine connoisseurs.
To book a Wine Tasting Ljubljana experience, please visit our website winetastingljubljana.com, send us an e-mail winetastingljubljana@gmail.com or call us on +386 (0)41 90 50 70. We start daily at 7pm and do not let you out of our cellar until 9pm.

Pub Crawl Ljubljana
A crazy night out with the coolest people that know how to party hard! Meet locals & people from all over the world on one of the sickest party experiences around! The best pub crawl in town, rated #1 Nightlife activity on TripAdvisor and even has the TripAdvisor Certificate of excellence.
What's included: 5 shots, Drinking games, Fun challenges, Beers for Beer Bong & Beer Pong, Extra shots from a vodka gun, Party guide, Live entertainment and Free entry to the best bars/clubs

Meeting point: 
Kapuciner Bar, Kongresni Trg 15, 1000 Ljubljana.

Every day at 10pm.

+386 31 339 393


Qualified guide of Slovenian language and culture.
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Slocally- Slovenia with locals
Experience and visit tourist farms, small scale localSlocally - Slovenia tours producers of Slovenia and tantalize your taste buds with yummy local delights. Attend various hands-on activities (perfect for adults and children) learn new skills and make your own souvenir. Spice up your holidays and rent a local for a day or two. Visit Slovenian countryside, local festivals, chit chat with local people and see Slovenia through the eyes of locals. Experience Slovenia with locals!
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