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How to get to Ljubljana? Where is Ljubljana located? It is easy to travel to Ljubljana. Slovenian capital Ljubljana is strategically well-positioned between Italy, Central Europe and the Balkans. Nowadays it’s easily accessible due to a well developed network of railways and roads. Different airlines supply flights for the Ljubljana Airport, thus connecting the capital with many European cities.


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Rent a Car Ljubljana

Most international and local car rental companies have their office in Ljubljana. However, to find budget car rental deals, we recommend booking your car online.  

Ljubljana Train Station

Travel to Ljubljana by Train

Slovenia has a developed network of railways, connecting Ljubljana with Graz and Klagenfurt (Austria) to the North, Trieste (Italy) to the West, Budapest (Hungary) on the East and Zagreb and Belgrade to the South.

Ljubljana’s main train station, simply called “Ljubljana”, is within an easy walk to the city centre. Slovenian Railways are also included in the European Interrail network.

The web site of Slovenian Railways (Slovenske Zeleznice) displays train schedules, also in English.

Travel by Bus

The web site of the Ljubljana Bus Station (Avtobusna postaja Ljubljana) offers timetables for all local bus connections, including the plan of the bus routes.

The ticket office is open daily from about 5.00 or 5.30 till 22.30. For most of the routes you can buy the tickets directly from the driver.

Please have small denomination Euro notes and coins ready.

Distance between international airports and Ljubljana


Brnik (Slovenia) to Ljubljana: 30 km (30 min)                                                     Treviso (Italy) to Ljubljana: 230 km (2 h 45 min by car)
Vienna (Austria) to Ljubljana: 380 km (4 h by car)                                             Trieste (Italy) to Ljubljana: 100 km (1,5 h)
Venice (Italy) to Ljubljana: 245 km (3 h by car)                                                    Belgrade (Serbia) to Ljubljana: 520 km (5 h)
Budapest (Hungary) to Ljubljana: 465 km (5 h by car)                                      Bologna (Italy) to Ljubljana: 380 km (4 h by car)
Zagreb (Croatia) to Ljubljana: 140 km (2 h by car)                                              Graz (Austria) to Ljubljana: 200 km (2 h 20 min)
Milan (Italy) to Ljubljana: 500 km (5,5 h by car)                                                   München (Germany) to Ljubljana: 410 km (4 h 20 min by car)

Getting to and from Ljubljana

  • Is there a train from Ljubljana to Trieste?

    Yes, Ljubljana and Trieste are connected by rail. The train from Ljubljana to Italy runs twice a day and it takes about two hours and a half to get there. One runs to Trst/Trieste and the other one to the Trieste Airport and Videm/Udine and vice versa. The timetable is organized in such a way that passengers from Trieste can continue their way with regional trains to the Ronchi Airport, to Videm/Udine, Pordenone, Treviso and Trbiz/Tarvisio in the direction of Beljak/Villach.

  • How far is Ljubljana from Salzburg?
    Ljubljana and Salzburg are 300 km apart, which takes about 3,5 hours drive.