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Ljubljana Airport is located 20 km North of Ljubljana in the vicinity of the town called Kranj. There is an established network of public and private transfers that can take you from or to the airport.

Getting to and from the Ljubljana Airport

  • How to get from Ljubljana Airport to Lake Bled?
    – There are shuttles that connect certain tourist attractions of Slovenia with Ljubljana Airport, also Bled Lake. ZUP Transfer makes regular transfers to Bled. Please check their website for schedule.
    – The cheapest but a bit less comfortable option is to take a bus from the airport to the city of Kranj, which is 8 km away. In Kranj, you change a bus for direction Bled. Please find a schedule of Ljubljana Airport – Kranj and Kranj – Bled routes here.
    – You can also take a bus from the Ljubljana Airport to Ljubljana. In Ljubljana take a direct bus to Bled. This option takes longer time and a bit more money than if you change in Kranj.
    – Take a taxi. This is the fastest, the most comfortable but also the priciest option. One way approx. 45 €.
  • Is there Uber in Ljubljana? 
    – No.
  • Ljubljana Airport train?
    – There is no train connecting Ljubljana with Ljubljana Airport directly.