Zdravo in Naravno

Health food shop Ljubljana

Zdravo in Naravno Shop LjubljanaThe store is located in the central market place, between Pogačarjev trg and Vodnikov trg in a big white building with four entrances. If you enter from the Vodnikov trg, it is the first shop on the right.

You can choose from various organic foods, which come from farms all across Slovenia. Their speciality is CEMAZ – wild garlic leaves that are chopped and put into cold, pressed olive oil. You can spread it on a piece of bread or put it in pasta, rice, potatoes, salad or soup. It has strong cleansing properties, detoxifies the blood and has a positive effect on indigestion.

Organic herbs, juices, dried fruit snacks, cereals, vinegar, and cold pressed oils are also offered. All of their food is vegan and mostly raw. They also stock different imported brands of natural /organic cosmetics, household cleaners and unique water filtration bottles.

None of the products were ever tested on animals and they don’t hold any synthetic or harmful ingredients. The shop-assistants speak English and are very friendly and willing to help you choose the best product for you.

Ljubljana.info team supports an ecological way of living and recommends the usage of environmentally friendly products.

Phone: +386(0)30919555
E-mail: info@zin.si