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Is a beautiful small city situated on the river Ljubljanica that flows between the city centre and the castle hill above. 




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Welcome to visit Ljubljana, Slovenia.  Plan your trip to Ljubljana with useful visitor information

Why choosing guided tours? 

  • Our tours are run by locals and locals only. We are all licensed tour guides and have also lived in Ljubljana since time immemorial. We know the city as our own pocket.     
  • The tours are conducted for small and big groups.
  • All the tours are private. You do not have to squeeze with 30 other tourists, which often happens at “free” or other non-private tours.
  • All the tours can be customized.
  • We successfully cooperate with individuals, agencies, institutions and companies
  • We are aware of the negative impacts of tourism on the local environment. Thus, we will always introduce you to sustainable tourism practices in Ljubljana and to local products and never to the products of multinational companies.
  • We will not tire you with numbers and years of every laid brick. Our tours are also fun :).


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Online Budget Car Rentals

Looking for car rentals in Ljubljana, Slovenia or elsewhere? Most of the international and local car rental companies have their office in Ljubljana, either in the town or you can also rent a car at the Ljubljana Airport at their car hire center.

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Art & Culture

Ljubljana offers various private and public galleries, theatres and museums on the history of Slovenia and Yugoslavia, as well as on architecture, art and other interesting themes of historical or contemporary artistic production.

The National Museum, the Museum of Modern Art, the National Gallery, the Ethnographic Museum and the Museum of Natural History are just a few that boast outstanding collections.

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Postojna Cave & Castle Daytrip

Basic Facts


As an independent website, we have reviewed many hotels and private accommodation to secure you the perfect holiday in Ljubljana.

We only recommend the facilities that really meet the quality of service expected by us and our friends visiting Ljubljana.

Is Ljubljana safe? 

Slovenia ranks among the safest countries in the world. The crime rate in Slovenia and in Ljubljana is negligible. 

Ljubljana has no slums and is safe to walk anywhere.

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Can you drink tap water in Ljubljana?

The answer is YES. Ljubljana has very high-quality tap water. 

There are also drinking fountains scattered all over the city centre.

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Ljubljana Luggage Storage

There are some places where you can keep your luggage in Ljubljana while exploring the city.

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Winter in Ljubljana 

January is in average the coldest month of the year with average temperatures above zeroSnow is less common than in the past but when it does snow, it is mostly from December to February.

December is the most vivid winter month in Ljubljana with the Christmas Market taking place from late November to early January filling the air with the scent of cinnamon and mulled wine.

If you  are a ski fan, the closest ski resort to Ljubljana is Krvavec about 40 km away. 

What to bring if visiting Ljubljana in winter? A jacket or a coat, a hat, gloves, a scarf, warm shoes and warm socks. 



Coming to Slovenia by Car?

Is driving in Slovenia safe? Where to park a car when in the city? Are there enough of charging stations for electric cars in the country? 

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Searching for a cheap taxi in Ljubljana?

Even though Ljubljana is very safe and people are honest for the most part, there are taxi drivers that will take advantage of the fact you are a foreigner. How to avoid them and where to get a cheap taxi?


Getting Around 

Wondering how to use a city bus, where to park your car or where to rent a bike?

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