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The most famous and difficult-to-miss castle, which with its dominant appearance on the hill above the city forms a cityscape of Ljubljan a, is Ljubljana Castle. But this is not the only castle in the city. A few more stand in the immediate vicinity, such as the mansions in Tivoli Park or Fuzine Castle. You can reach most of them on foot, if you are in a more leisurely manner, you can also use a bicycle or take a bus.

Ljubljana Castle, which stands on a hill above the city, can be seen from afar.

According to archaeological research, the human presence in the area of ​​the castle complex has been continuous since 1200 BC.

The castle started to get its present image in the middle of the 15th century.

It functioned as a fortress for defence against enemies in Middle Ages, later as a military hospital, in the 19th century and early 20th also as a prison.

In the 1960s, its restoration began, and today it is one of the landmarks Ljubljana.

It is visited by more than a million visitors a year.

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Tivoli Castle

Location: Castle Tivoli

Tivoli Castle is a manor house in Ljubljana’s Tivoli Park, located at the foot of Roznik Hill. It is clearly visible from the city center.

The original building on the site of the present castle was first mentioned in the 13th centuryIt was owned by many different noble families, including Jesuits.

A baroque pool with a fountain was erected in front of the manor in 1870, and a two-pedestal staircase with four pedestals at the foot led to it. Statues of four cast-iron dogs stand on them.


The peculiarity of these statues is that the dogs have no tongues, and this has long been one of the speculative reasons why the sculptor committed suicide, even though the story is completely fictional.

Today, the castle houses the International Center of Graphic Arts and a caféBehind it there is Creative Centre Svicarija.

Tivoli Castle is in waling distance from city centre. As you pass Tivoli Park, the walk is pleasant for the eyes and soul. 


Cekin Castle

Location: Cekin Castle

Cekin Castle is located in the middle of Tivoli Park in the center of Ljubljana. It can be reached on foot, by car, bus or a bike. It is only a short walk away from Tivoli Castle.

This Baroque mansion was built by Count Leopold Karl Lamberg between 1752 and 1755 as a two-storey pavilion building.

Cekin Castle is very different from similar ones built in the early 18th century. The castle works openly and admirably.


The suburban mansion, originally intended for the leisure and entertainment of the cheerful nobility, changed owners several times.

Until the end of the Second World War it was also owned Peter Kozler, the author of the famous map of the Slovenian land and provinces from 1861. He was also co-founder of “Kozler Brothers Brewery”, the predecessor of today’s Pivovarna Union.

After the Second World War, the manor was nationalized. Today it houses the Museum of Contemporary History of Slovenia.


Fuzine Castle

Location: Fuzine Castle

Fuzine Castle stands by the Ljubljanica river in the south-eastern part of Ljubljana. It was named after the ironworks, i.e. iron processing plants that were in its vicinity.

However, this Renaissance mansion never had a role of fortification, but has always been a residence. Although watchtowers were also built and shooting openings are still visible today. Its role has been primarily economic and cultural, as well as political.

The castle was built in 1528 by the Ljubljana noble family Khisl, which was also one of the most important Protestant families in Slovene lands. 

They were great supporters of culture, especially literature and music. Vid Kisel was a merchant, a successful businessman with political power, and six times between 1534 and 1547 he was also the mayor of Ljubljana.

Interestingly, in the 17th century, a park with ponds, garden pavilions and a menagerie was built near the castle, which mainly housed hunting animals. The castle housed a glasswork, a smithy and numerous mills.

Today it is home to the Museum of Architecture and Design.

As it is a bit too far to walk, it is best to rent a bike or hop on a city bus No. 20 or 22.