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This Ljubljana, Slovenia map is brought to you in cooperation with Google. Please select the sites of interest to navigate around Ljubljana. You can zoom-in and zoom-out the map, as well as to see the satellite image of the area.


 Scrolling the map closer or pressing the + button enables you to see the tourist map of Ljubljana old town from the closer perspective.


Where do I find Ljubljana metro map? – Nowhere. Ljubljana doesn’t have a metro.

Where to find Ljubljana on a map of Slovenia? – It is right in the centre of the country.

Where to find Ljubljana Castle map? – Ljubljana Castle is not too big, so a map is not really needed. If you would like to have it anyway, you will find it at an information office of Ljubljana Castle.

Where to find Ljubljana tourist map?  – Contact us and we will email it to you.

Where to find Ljubljana old town map? – You can help yourself with Google map above.