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It is cheapest and easiest if you park your motorhome in Park & Ride parking lots. Two of them offer infrastructure for motorhomes: P+R Dolgi most and P+R Stanezice (read more about P+R parking options HERE). You can also use other parking lots around town but please note that most do not offer hook-up facilities. They are usually equipped with an automatic entry-exit system with automatic gates, automatic cash register and video surveillance. Try to avoid parking your camper van on a casual parking space for cars on streets as fines are high and you wouldn`t want to spoil your vacation. Find some motorhome parking Ljubljana suggestions here. 

NUK Car Park

This parking lot is located in the very center of the town, right by the Krizanke Open Air Theatre, Square of French Revolution and the City Museum.

Turn from Zoisova cesta to  Emonska, you will see the car park on the left.

Price: 3,60 €/h.

Tivoli II. Car Park

The parking lot is located by the biggest city park,  Park Tivoli. Your orientation point should be the Union Brewery, as the car park is situated just opposite of it.

When you enter the parking lot from Celovska cesta, you will find spaces for camper vans on the right side. From here there is an easy 10 min walk to the city center.

Day tariff (6 am – 8 pm): 2,40 €/h
Night tariff (8 pm – 6 am): 6,00 €/h
Parking time allowed: 24 h

Zale III. Car Park

Leaving your motorhome here you would need to walk approx. 20-25 min to the city center or you can take a city bus No. 7, 19 or 22.

To use public transport in Ljubljana you need Urbana Card.

Day tariff (7 am – 7 pm): 2,40 €/h
Night tariff (7 pm – 7 am): 6 €/h
Parking time allowed: 24 h
Address:  Linhartova 51, Ljubljana. Entrance from Kranjceva street.


Please note that parking your motorhome, camping or staying overnight is allowed only on assigned areas, i.e. motorhome stop-over places and parking spots.  Parking and staying overnight on a private land is solely a matter of an agreement between you and the landowner.  

P+R Dolgi Most

This Park and Ride parking lot is situated at the western side of the city by the ring road. There are 11 parking spaces reserved for camper vans.

To reach it leave the ring road at Vic – Ljubljana Zahod (Ljubljana West). If you wanna get to the city center from here, take a city bus No. 6.

To use the public transport you will need Urbana card.

Read here on where to get it and how to use it.

Price: 10 €/day
Address:  Dolgi most, close to: Trzaska cesta 160, Ljubljana

Ljubljana Resort Camp

This camping Ljubljana site is situated on the northern edge of the city and welcomes motorhomes as well.

As this is an organized campsite and camper stop Ljubljana with reception, toilets, hook-up facilities for motorhomes, sport facilities etc., you will pay per person and for stationing your camper van.

Click here to book your night in Ljubljana Resort Camp & Hotel.

Price: approx. 12 €/person + 7-14  €/camper
Address:  Dunajska 270, Ljubljana

Avtosejem Parking Lot

This car park is situated on the southern edge of the city by the ring road. If you park here on Sunday you can also catch some happening. Used cars are being sold and bought here and there is the wild flea market adjacent.

To reach the center of Ljubljana take a city bus No. 1. To use the public transport you will need Urbana card. Read here on where to get it and how to use it.

Price: free of charge
Address:  Cesta dveh cesarjev 370, Ljubljana