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There are P+R car parks at the periphery of Ljubljana where you can leave your car and reach the center by public transport. You will find Park and Ride often also shortened only as P+R. 

P+R Barje

P+R Barje is located in the southern part of the ring road.

It provides 347 parking spaces, four for electric vehicles with adjacent charging stations and 17 for disabled drivers.

To get to the city center take a bus No. 9.

Address:  Barjanska cesta, Ljubljana


P+R Dolgi Most

This P+R is convenient for those coming from the West or South. To reach it leave the ring road at “Vic – Ljubljana Zahod” (Ljubljana West). Parking facilities are located right by the ring road.

There are also 11 parking spaces for drivers with disabilities, 11 for buses and 11 for motorhomes. To reach the city center take city bus number 6.

Address:  close to Trzaska cesta 160, Ljubljana

P+R Stanezice

The parking lot is located along Celovska cesta leading North. There are 392 parking spaces, 20 of which are intended for the disabled, and 6 for electric vehicles. There are also 15 parking spaces for motorhomes, 4 bus stops and 2 tourist bus stops.

There are 20 bicycle stands with space for 40 bicycles and 16 lockers for storing bicycles.

Bus no. 1 will get you there.

How to get there:  P+R Stanezice
Photo: Nik Rovan

How does P+R work? You leave your car at a P+R car park on the outskirts of the city, buy a super cheap ticket that covers your car parking fees and bus ride to the city center. You should not be too concerned about leaving your car anywhere in Ljubljana as car thefts in Slovenia are as rare as hens` teeth.

P+R Jezica

P+R Jezica is positioned on the North edge of the city and has 80 parking spaces.

Bus No. 11 takes you to the city center. 

Address:  Obvozna cesta, Ljubljana

P+R Sports Center Stozice

This car park is located beneath the Stozice Sport Center and is easy reachable for those coming from the North towards Ljubljana. To get from here to center or back take bus line number 13.

Address:  Vojkova cesta 100, Ljubljana

P+R Studenec

It is located on the Eastern side of town. You can take buses 11, 20, 22 or 25 to get to the center of Ljubljana. You will find this parking garage on the crossroads of Zaloska and Chengdu street, under Hofer supermarket.

Address:  Chengdujska ulica 1, Ljubljana


(Use it to buy Urbana Card; to put credits on your card; to validate your bus ticket; or to pay for P+R ticket) 

How to use P&R?

Firstly, you need to buy Urbana Card from Urbanomat (photo on the left) that you can find on any P+R terminal. It will cost you 2 €.

When you have the Urbana Card you can proceed with payment for the parking fee. The payment costs € 1.30 per day and is made at the Urbanomat as well. It can be paid in cash or with VALÚ Moneta or with the Urbana Card (if you have credits on it). The parking ticket includes two bus rides valid on the day of ticket payment – until midnight. 

You can add additional credit to your Urbana Card for more passengers or for more rides if  needed. For children until 6 years of age, bus rides are free of charge.

Within 90 min from when you enter a bus and validate your ticket with the Urbana Card, you can change as many buses as you wish without additional charge. 

Click here to find out what is Urbana Card, where to get it and how to use it.


P+R car parks work nonstop but city buses don`t so don`t forget to check bus timetable. For information on bus arrivals use Route Planner with Google Maps or use this site.




  • Can I leave my car on P+R parking lot for more days?
    That is unfortunately not possible. Unless you get back every day and pay for the parking. 
  • Does one Urbana card and credit I receive on it allow only for one person to take the public transport?
    When you pay for the P+R parking, you get credit for two bus tickets on your Urbana card, which are valid until the end of the day. You can add additional credit to your Urbana card if needed. 
  • We are a group. Does everybody need his own Urbana card to pay for the city bus?
    No. Just fill your Urbana card with enough of credit for all the rides. When you enter the bus, simply tell the driver for how many persons you are paying the ride (do not count yourself in, as for 1 ride you already paid at the p+r). When the driver inserts the number of persons at his terminal just put the Urbana card on the scanner and off you go. Within 90 min you can change a bus if you need without additional charge.