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On this page, we list useful services for both tourists and locals that are daily used. The listing is not sponsored, therefore we only include quality services in Ljubljana. Your own experiences and feedback are welcome.

Emergency Service

113 – Police (stolen phone, car accident, lost passport, conflict, …)

112 – Ambulance, firefighters

1987 – AMZS (technical assistance in case your car brakes down; their units are all over Slovenia)

1970 – Traffic information

Luggage Storage


There are some places where you can keep your luggage in Ljubljana while exploring the city. For sure your hotel or hostel would not mind keeping it for you for an additional day.

If you do not tend to register at any of the hotel or hostel, there are lockers at the main bus and railway station of Ljubljana.

Bus Station – visit ticket office No. 3. They will keep your luggage in the back room. Price: 3,50 €/day for luggage up to 30 kg.

Train Station – there is an automatic left-luggage service for 2 € per day.