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Ljubljana Airport (LJU) is the primary airport serving Slovenia, located approximately 20 km north of Ljubljana near the town of Kranj. A range of public and private Ljubljana airport transfers are readily available for travellers to access various destinations with ease.



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Meet & Greet Ljubljana Airport Transfers

Ljubljana Airport is the starting point for many visitors to Slovenia and Ljubljana. Imagine how much more pleasant your journey is when you know that after a long and tiring flight, someone will be waiting for you at the airport, ready to take you to your desired location – Ljubljana, Bled, Piran, or your hotel. When we travel, this is always a game-changer for us. Above all, it saves time and energy regarding where to find a bus and whether the first taxi driver we see at the airport will overcharge you. Upon arrival, the convenience of a meet-and-greet service can’t be overstated. Picture yourself stepping off the plane, and a friendly face awaits, ready to usher you into the beauty of Ljubljana. It’s a personal touch that transforms a journey into an experience. We also drive to all nearby and European airports: Venice Airport, Zagreb, Vienna, Trieste, Milan, Munich.


  • How to get from Brnik Ljubljana Airport to Lake Bled?

    – The cheapest but a bit less comfortable option is to take a bus from the airport to the city of Kranj, which is 8 km away from the airport. In Kranj, you change a bus for direction Bled. Please find a schedule of Brnik Ljubljana Airport – Kranj and Kranj – Bled routes here.
    – You can also take a bus from the Ljubljana Airport to Ljubljana. In Ljubljana take a direct bus to Bled. This option takes longer time and a bit more money than if you change in Kranj. As Ljubljana Airport is located half-way between Ljubljana and Bled.
    – Take a taxi. This is the fastest, the most comfortable but also the priciest option. One way approx. 45 €.

  • How to get from Ljubljana Airport to Kranj?

    There are regular buses that connect the Brnik Airport and Kranj, and they leave from the airport every full hour.  Buses are parked outside, in front of the terminal.

  • How to get from Ljubljana Airport to Klagenfurt?

    There is a bus line that connects Ljubljana and Ljubljana Airport with Klagenfurt/Celovec three times a day. From Brnik Airport at 11.02, 13.17 and 18.32. The ride lasts for 1,5 h.

  • How to get from Ljubljana Airport to Zagreb?

    The best is to take a transfer from Ljubljana Airport to the city of Ljubljana first. A bus or a shuttle will take you to the main bus or train station of Ljubljana. From there take a bus or train to Zagreb. There are also shuttles that connect Ljubljana and Zagreb.

  • How to get from Ljubljana Airport to Kranjska Gora?

    Take a bus from the Ljubljana Airport to Kranj. At the Kranj bus station take a bus to Kranjska Gora. You can also go to Ljubljana first and board for Kranjska Gora there but that is not the smartest idea as Ljubljana Airport is already almost half-way in between Ljubljana and Kranjska Gora.

  • How to get from Ljubljana Airport to Piran?  

    There is no direct bus from Ljubljana Airport to Piran. You can take a bus from the airport to the bus station of Ljubljana (every public bus goes directly to the main Ljubljana bus station from the airport) and after take a bus from Ljubljana to Piran. They run four times a day, in summer they are more frequent. The ride takes approx. 2,5 €.

  • How to get from Ljubljana Airport to Maribor?

    There is no direct bus connection between Ljubljana Airport and Maribor. You can take a bus from the airport to the bus station of Ljubljana (every public bus goes directly to the main Ljubljana bus station from the airport) and after take a bus from Ljubljana to Maribor. They run about ten times a day, the last one departing from Ljubljana at 8 pm. 

  • Is there Uber in Ljubljana?


  • Ljubljana Airport train?

    How to get from Ljubljana Airport to the train station? Do not search for a train station in proximity to the airport as there is no train connecting the city of Ljubljana with Ljubljana Airport directly. To get to the main Ljubljana train station, take a transfer from the Ljubljana Airport to the city. Distance: 20 km. 

  • How early should I to get to the Ljubljana Airport before flight?

    Ljubljana Airport ranks among smaller European airports and you will need less time for all pre-flight procedures than at large airports. Especially if your airline company allows mobile check-in. If you are travelling at the peak of the tourist season, when the airport is busy, we recommend arriving at the airport two hours before your departure. Otherwise, an hour and a half before the flight will mostly suffice, sometimes even only one hour will do. There is only half an hour drive from Ljubljana to the airport. But please note that driving time can get extended in rush hours, between 2 pm and 5 pm. So if you order your transport two and a half hours before the flight, it will be just right.


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