National Museum of Slovenia

Narodni muzej Slovenije

Slovenia coins museumThe oldest Slovenian museum is situated in the city centre, near Tivoli park. The museum building de facto houses two museums (The National Museum and The Natural History Museum), so this is a must location for every museum visitor.

Right next to the entrance you will spot Roman monuments, tombstones and milestones. Perhaps the most breathtaking exponent is the ancient Egyptian mummy dating back to the 5th or 6th century BC.

The ground floor also houses an exhibition on the monetary history of Slovenia, displaying currencies from bronze ingots to the new Euro coins, while occasionally an extensive collection of ancient coins is also on display.

National MuseumTemporary displays on the first floor show a selection of daily-use objects from the Stone age to the Medieval age. The final show-room gives an detailed overview of the history of this part of Europe - it could take hours to study all the interesting details.

Opening hours
Daily from 10:00am till 18:00pm and on Thursdays till 20:00pm. The museum is closed on holidays, please check the homepage.

Adults can enter the National museum for 3 Euro's, or 5 Euro's if you decide to visit the Natural History Museum of Slovenia, which is housed in the same building. As a single curiosity, you can opt to see only the mummy, at a bargain 0.5 Euro's.

Roman period in Slovenia
Roman SloveniaThe exhibition of the Roman period in Slovenia is placed adjacent to the main museum building and the admission is free. It displays a collection of Roman stone monuments of which many have been discovered in Emona, right where Ljubljana stands now. The collection includes mosaics and altars as well as a sculpture of monumental stone lion. The number of tombstones, stone cemetery urns and sarcophagi advocate how important the grave was in the Roman period. About 80 Roman milestones have been discovered in Slovenia from the period of the 2nd - 4th century, many of which are still in their original place of excavation, but a few are on display in the museum.

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