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If you are wondering what to see in Ljubljana and what are the best things to do in Ljubljana and around it, wonder no more. Ljubljana offers enough to keep you busy for days. Please read below about best places to go, things to do and places to see in Ljubljana.

Enjoy a guided tour

    • Our tours are run by locals and locals only.
    • The tours are conducted for small and big groups.
    • All the tours are private.
    • All the tours can be customized.
    • We successfully cooperate with individuals, schools, agencies, institutions and companies.
    • We will always introduce you to local products and never to the products of multinational companies.
    • Our tours are also fun :).


Let us make your Slovenia experience unforgettable! 

Slovenia is maybe small but it is extremely diverse. Show us another country on Earth where the mighty Alps and the enchanting Mediterranean, mysterious virgin forests and endless vineyards, glacial lakes and emerald rivers, and towns and villages with rich cultural and historical heritage can be found in such a small area.  

Join us for a trip to the following destinations:

  • Lake Bled Fairytale – Half day tour
  • Postojna Cave & Postojna Castle – Half day tour
  • Lake Bled & Postojna Cave/Castle – Full day tour
  • Karst & Coast Mistery – Full day tour
  • Venice – Full day tour
  • Emerald Soca River – Day trip
  • Wine Xpedition – Full day tour
  • Kamnik & Velika Planina Plateau Tour
  • Ptuj & Maribor & Wine – Full day tour

Dive into the world of culture and arts

Ljubljana offers an abundance of cultural and artistic content to satisfy even the most demanding cultural enthusiasts.

It boasts some amazing festivals, museums, galleries, theatres and cinemasIn the same time it is also a place of music, alternative art and street art.

Find some options for cultural engagement here below:

  • Admire masterpieces of the architect Joze Plecnik,
  • Visit the best art museums and galleries,
  • Visit historical museums,
  • Attend open-air events and festivals,
  • Visit theatre, ballet or opera plays,
  • Get to know alternative Ljubljana art and culture.


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An hour drive to the Alps, an hour drive to the Mediterranean!

As Ljubljana is perfectly positioned between the Alpine world and the Mediterranean you do not need to get very far out of the city to find countless beauties of nature. The Slovenian capital is surrounded by numerous hills to hike, lakes and rivers to swim, bicycle paths to enjoy and medieval towns to visit.

Some suggestions on beautiful spots around Ljubljana: 

  • Velika Planina Plateau
  • City of Kranj (on the photo on the left)
  • Ljubljana Marshes
  • Podpec Lake
  • Mount St. Mary
  • Medieval town of Skofja Loka

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Our pocket capital is just ideal for travelling with kids! 

Ljubljana is one of the most family oriented capitals in Europe. Why so?

  • It has an abundance of green spaces, parks and playgrounds for children,
  • The city centre is closed to traffic and kids can safely run around,
  • It is very safe as crime levels are extraordinarily low,
  • There are children’s theatres and cinemas, a ZOO, a castle at the top of the hill above the city 
  • There are numerous cafes and confectionaries with delicious cakes and ice creams in the old town.

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    Find sustainable and socially responsible local stores, products and services

    You love to travel and in the same time you like to leave as little traces behind you as possible? 

    Sustainable, green and socially responsible tourism is what team fully supports.

    And hopefully inspires you, dear reader, to shoulder local, ethical, green and fair trade businesses that we list and that are aiming for a better tomorrow.

    Responsible consumerism helps prevent negative impacts of tourism and globalization and generates economic benefits for local people with which their well-being is improved. 

    Please find some socially responsible local stores, products and services in this section. 

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    Ljubljana Boat Cruise

    When: Daily (your choice)
    45 min

    This Ljubljana boat cruise offers you a unique experience of a boat ride.

    Cruise through the historic Ljubljana city center on the languid Ljubljanica River and be embraced by the sights and sounds traversing 5,000 years.

    From Ancient Greek legends to romantic cafes, you will feel the timeless soul of this magical journey. Follow the course of Jason and the Argonauts, imagine the ancient Roman culture that once lived here, feast your eyes on the medieval castle and historic buildings above you.

    As you pass under charming bridges you will hear the sweet laughter of children and of lovers; the cafe-life along the embankment. We welcome you on this boat cruise. The Ljubljanica River gives you a different view on life!


    Price: 15 €/person

    Sound Massage Ljubljana with Nina

    Address:  Studio Yoga Yama, Celovska 32, 1000 Ljubljana
    Phone: Nina, +386 31 623 211

    Sound massage is a mixture of Eastern knowledge of sound and other old alternative techniques based on researches and adaptation to the lifestyle of the West. It has become a complementary therapy in mainstream healthcare.

    In sound massage we use singing bowls – one is placed onto the fully-clothed body, the others are sending vibration through the body from sides.

    Vibrations are passed through body fluids – such as blood, lymphatic fluid, extra and intracellular fluid etc., which you can feel during and even after the massage. That is why it is suggested to drink enough water before and after.

    What are the benefits?

    • Relaxation, deep sleep, drainage
    • Support for healing for various health and emotional issues
    • Similar to meditation
    • Increased life force energy, mental clarity
    • Relief of chronic fatigue syndrome and depression
    • Pain relief, lower blood pressure

    40 €/75 min


    Rent an e-Scooter and explore Ljubljana


    Riding an e-scooter you can really feel the city and you can do that the most exciting and fun way.

    Riding an electric scooter requires less effort than biking or walking. You will feel the breeze without getting tired. After hours of exploring Ljubljana you will still look and feel fresh.

    No car, taxi or bus would enable you to discover uniqueness and hidden treasures of the city as fast and efficiently as an e- scooter.

    Renting an e-scooter is your contribution to keep Ljubljana green and clean.

    e-Kick Scooter rental prices

    3 hours – 19 €
    For a day – 25 €
    24 hours – 30 €

    Coco Harley e-Scooter rental prices

    2h – 23 €
    3h – 34 €
    4h – 46 €
    6h – 55 €