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Your parking costs depend on where and for how long you decide to park your car (….surprisingly, huh?). You can pay for your parking fee at parking pay stations with Urbana Card if you have it, with an app on your smartphone or by cash, which is the easiest. Street parking in Ljubljana is to be paid every working day from 7 am until 7 pm and on Saturdays until 3 pm.


Ljubljana Parking Price

Outside the city`s ring road and some areas inside it parking is free of charge. There are three parking tariffs inside the ring road area according to location:


  • Zone I. – city center, close to all the main city attractions, museums, and the old town. The price is 1,20 €/h. You can pay for 2 h max.
    A hint: If you want to park longer, you would have to return after 2 h and pay another ticket.

  • Zone II. Some areas around the city center. The price: 0,70 €/h. You can pay for 6 h max.
  • Zone III. Up to the Ljubljana ring road. The price: 0,60 €/h. You can pay for 10 h max. After 10 h you can buy a ticket for the next 10 h.

Payment for parking is necessary every day from 7 am until 7 pm and on Saturdays until 3 pm. On Sundays parking is free. On holidays parking is not free unless a holiday falls on Sunday. 


The time-limited parking area is divided into three parking zones, namely Zone 1, Zone 2 and Zone 3. Wherever you park on streets within these three zones, you need to use automated parking machines to pay for your parking fee. Look around. You will find them on your side of the street or on the opposite side.  

By paying the parking fee, a parking ticket is printed, which must be placed in a visible place on the inside of the windshield in the vehicle. The user can choose any length of parking time, taking into account the shortest and longest time frame, which is determined within each parking zone.

The use of the parking meter is simple, as the user is assisted by both pictorial and linguistic instructions in the Slovenian language, as well as in three foreign languages, namely English, German and Italian.

On each parking meter there is also a telephone number of the Traffic Management Center, where the user can get additional information regarding the use of the parking meter or report possible malfunctions of the parking meter.

You can pay for your parking by cash, with Urbana card or with an app.


The payment machines do not accept paper money, only coins. Be sure to have the exact amount of money prepared, since no change is given. After inserting money, the machine will display the amount of time you can park your vehicle based on the inserted value (see prices above on this page).   

After money is inserted, press the green button and you will receive a receipt, which you must put on display in your car.

Failure to pay may result in you having to pay a fine, which will be more expensive (20€).

Please make sure you park your car on designated areas only. Otherwise, you may face having your car towed away. What to do if that happens? Where to go? Who to call? Please find out more about that here


If you are staying in Ljubljana for only a couple of days, then you will most possibly not need an Urbana City Card and is therefor better if you pay the parking fee with euro coins or with an app. Urbana Card will come in handy if you plan to use city buses or bicycle system BicikeLJ.

However, in order to be able to pay the parking fee with the Urbana Card, you need to add a credit to it.  To pay, simply approach your Urbana Card (or phone with the Urbana App) to the Urbana reader. (To find out where to get an Urbana Card and how to use it, use this link.)

Nevertheless, instead of a physical Urbana card, you can also download the Urbana App, which works as a virtual value card and activate the NFC function on your phone. This way you don’t have to buy a card at all and you can use your phone for paying your parking fee.


Ljubljana parking online
You can make your life easier when parking in Ljubljana with two apps. The first one is the Urbana App, already mentioned above. In order to use it and to pay the parking fee, you must first load credit and activate the NFC function for payment.

The second app is EasyPark, where in addition to the parking price the user must also pay the comission charged by the company. This amounts to a minimum of ten cents and a maximum of 15 percent of the parking price, or a maximum of 1.9 euros.

Using the app offers several functions: in addition to being able to start, stop, extend or shorten remote parking in the app, drivers can also pay for electric vehicle charging.

The mobile application works on both iOS and Android operating systems and can be downloaded for Android devices in Google Play and for Apple devices in the App Store.