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Your parking costs depend on where and for how long you decide to park your car (….surprisingly, huh?). You can pay for your parking ticket on parking pay stations with Urbana Card if you have it, or by cash, which is the easiest. Street parking in Ljubljana is to be paid every working day from 7 am until 7 pm and on Saturdays until 3 pm.


Ljubljana Parking Price

Outside the city`s ring road and some areas inside it parking is free of charge. There are three parking tariffs inside the ring road area according to location:


  • Zone I. – city center, close to all the main city attractions, museums, and the old town. Price is 0,80 €/h. You can pay for 2 h max.
    A hint: If you want to park longer, you would have to return after 2 h and pay another ticket.

  • Zone II. Some areas around the city center. Price is 0,50 €/h. You can pay for 6 h max.
  • Zone III. All the way up to the Ljubljana ring road. Price: 0,40 €/h. You can pay for 10 h max. After 10 h you can buy a ticket for the next 10 h.

Payment for parking is necessary every day from 7 am until 7 pm and on Saturdays until 3 pm. On Sundays parking is free. On holidays parking is not free unless holiday falls on Sunday. 


Parking Pay Stations Ljubljana

At street parking spaces you will find what are called “parkomats”, parking pay stations. After inserting money and entering the time of use, you will receive a receipt which you must put on display in your car.

Be sure to have the exact amount of money prepared, since no change is given.
You can also pay with the Urbana Card

Failure to pay may result in you having to pay a fine, which will be more expensive (approx. 20€).

Please make sure you park your car on designated areas only. Otherwise, you may face having your car towed away. What to do if that happens? Where to go? Who to call? Please find out more about that here