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Visiting museums, theatres or galleries is the perfect activity for a rainy day and for those who would like to learn about history and arts and culture in Ljubljana and Slovenia. Ljubljana offers various private and public galleries, theatres and museums on the history of Slovenia and Yugoslavia, as well as on architecture, art and other fields of historical or contemporary cultural production.

Tens of different museums in Ljubljana compose the city’s cultural landscape. From big to small, from national to city and thematic museums. In addition, big majority of them operate with English-speaking audience in mind.

Note that every first Sunday of the month Ljubljana museums are free of charge. Similarly, museums are free on the 18th of May (International Museum Day), second Saturday of June (Museum Night) and on 3rd of December (Day of Culture).

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Most of the Ljubljana theatres conduct their plays in Slovene language. Nevertheless, there are some theatres that perform in English as well. They offer audio translation or provide subtitles.

It is needless to say you shouldn`t worry about the performing language when attending dance, visual or certain musical or puppet theatre performances.

Many theatres in Ljubljana open their doors on the same days mentioned above in the “Museums” chapter (May 18, Saturday in June, December 3rd).

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There are public and private galleries in Ljubljana. Public are non-profit and work as an exibition place only, while private can operate as sales galleries as well.

Most commonly paintings are displayed. There are also sculptures, photography, drawings and print galleries at hand, while costumes, textile,  furniture, installation and performance art are often on display too.

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For movies in Ljubljana, Kolosej covers most of the cinema venues. It screens mostly Holywood production of blockbusters and is situated on the outskirts in the BTC shopping district.

There are cinemas in the city center as well, some of them project independent movie production, documentaries and a selection of European production.

In Slovenian cinemas movies are broadcasted without a voice-over translation, so they can be followed in the original language.

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