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»Is tap water in Ljubljana safe to drink? Is tap water in Slovenia safe to drink? Should I buy bottled water in shops instead? Is it OK to wash my fruit with tap water?« These are very common dilemmas for everyone visiting a new country.

Here is a good news: Ljubljana`s tap water is one of the best you may ever drink and is accessible to everyone for free.   

Is Ljubljana tap water safe to drink?

Yes. Ljubljana is one of the few European capitals with very high quality drinking water.

Water from the tap is completely natural as it is not processed with any prior chemical treatments and is safe to drink.

For that reason there is no need to buy bottled water in stores while in Ljubljana and Slovenia.  

Plastic Waste

Before buying bottled water you should also consider the following:

  • You do not know for how long (weeks, months or even years) the water is in the bottle after you buy it and consume it.
  • No material is fully inert and bottled water can contain substances migrating from plastics.
  • With buying bottled water you produce plastic waste.
  • In a process of production of one plastic bottle four liters of water are wasted
  • Tap water is a live water. It is richer with minerals than the bottled one.


Use the opportunity and drink tap water. We encourage you to refuse bottled water in bars and restaurants and to order a tap one. There is no need for bottled water to be sold in Ljubljana and no need for you to spend more money than you should.

The only one profiting from you buying bottled water are multinationals selling you something that should remain a public good for good.

Ljubljana Water Fountains

Drinking water is accessible for free to everyone in Ljubljana, citizens and visitors. There are close to 40 public drinking fountains all around town, providing water from the Ljubljana`s water supply system. Its quality is regularly examined. Drinking fountains work from April until October

Feel free to use the fountains to refresh yourself, to quench your thirst, to pour the water in your bottle for more enjoyable stroll or even to appease thirstiness of your four-legged friend.

You can find drinking fountains all around the city center and around it. The easiest way to find the one closest to your location is to use this app for Android or iOS: Tap water Ljubljana.