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It is very easy to get around in Ljubljana. As the city center is relatively small, you can simply walk it or rent a bike. Don`t search for subway, because of its size Ljubljana has never had it. To get to other parts of Ljubljana you should use public transport like city bus system or a taxi. Please see more tips on getting around in Ljubljana below. 

If you`d like to take a trip around Ljubljana or a day trip to one of Slovenia`s tourist destinations like Bled, Piran or Postojna Cave, you can use train or a bus, hire a car or choose one of the plentiful tour providers.



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Ljubljana Train Station

Address: Trg Osvobodilne fronte Square

The Ljubljana central train station in (in Slovenian: Zelezniska postaja) is situated in the middle of the city, some 10 minutes walk to the old town.

To get to the city center from the station or vice versa take Miklosiceva street as it connects them directly.

There are eight platforms on the main train station of Ljubljana.

Find them behind the entrance building that houses ticket offices and some cafes and shops.

There is also a rent a car office, a car parking lot and luggage storage facilities.

Hint: If possible, buy your ticket at the train station before entering the train as it is usually more expensive if you buy it from the conductor (+ 2,5 €).

No matter the distance and destination there is an extra cost of 3,40 € if you are travelling by bike. Information about train delays are published on the web site of Slovenian Railways.


Bus Station Ljubljana

Address: Trg Osvobodilne fronte Square

The main bus station of Ljubljana is located in front of the main train station building. From here bus lines connect Ljubljana to all parts of Slovenia.

It hosts ticket and information offices, a tobacco shop and a small cafe with some croissants.


You can buy your bus ticket at the bus station or directly from the driver on the bus. Both options are ok.

Check their website to learn about departures, arrivals and international transfers.

Rent a Car Ljubljana

Most of international and local car rental companies have their office in Ljubljana. However, to find budget car rental deals, we recommend booking your car online.  

Ljubljana City Buses

“There are 42 bus lines that connect all parts of the city and also  suburbs.
Ljubljana city buses run mostly until midnight or 1 am, depending on a line. They start operating at 4-5 am again.”

To travel with Ljubljana city buses you will need an Urbana Card (find information about Urbana Card usage on this site below). 

One journey costs 1.30 € and allows you to change as many busses as you need in a time of 90 minutes without additional charge.

When you enter a bus, make sure you approach your Urbana Card to the scanner (there are two on each bus, usually at the front door). When you hear a beep sound, a transaction is done.

Ljubljana does not have tramlines or a subway. 

Although a bus driver may not check your Urbana card validity, we recommend not to try your luck.

There are ticket inspectors that can enter your bus at any station on the way.


Urbana Card

You can get Urbana Card for a one-time fee of 2€ on so-called Urbanomats  (photo on the right) and also at:

  • news-stands
  • tobacco shops
  • petrol stations
  • tourist offices
  • post offices

    When bought load it with an amount of credit you may need and »Voila!«, you’re ready to take your first bus ride, pay your parking fee, pay your P+R or rent a bike over the public bike share system.
    How to use your Urbana Card for Park & Ride service? Please read about that here

Getting Around on Foot

Ljubljana is a small city and pedestrian friendly as in the last couple of years a significant part of the city center got closed for traffic.

Unless you need to visit some institution outside the city centre, you can manage easily without using public transport.

Locals waiting at the zebra crossings do not cross while the red light is showing on the traffic lights – it is dangerous and you can also get a fine.

Watch out for bikers, even on the pavements and the pathway along by the river.

Biking in Ljubljana

Ljubljana is a bike-friendly city and of just the right size to see it by bike. It is also relatively flat so you should not worry if you do not feel too fit.

Renting a bike is highly recommended if you want to see more distant sights like the ZOO, or architectural exhibitions in the Fuzine castle.

Green suburbs and the outskirts have a lot to offer as well and bike can be a perfect way to get around from early spring to late autumn. Biking is also the most nature friendly way of transport.

Taking a Taxi in Ljubljana

Ljubljana’s taxis are generally clean, safe and reliable and cab drivers normally speak English well enough to understand and converse.

Nevertheless, there are things you should pay attention to and be careful about when hiring a taxi. As not all the taxi drivers are fair and square and as the different taxi companies in Ljubljana have different rates for their service.

Do not search for Uber service as the company has not hit the Slovenian market yet.

read more >

The town has a lot of respect for bikers  and offers a good infrastructure of bike paths.

Getting around by Boat

Boats are not in the function of transport from point A to point B, but allow river sightseeing of Ljubljana.  Rides usually last for about 30 minutes and they take you through the city center and under some of the most famous bridges of Ljubljana like the Triple Bridge, the Butchers` Bridge or the Dragon Bridge.

Boats depart from different points in Ljubljana city center and the price is around 8 euros.

There are also guided walking tours that include a boat ride on the Ljubljanica River.


  • How to get from Ljubljana to lake Bled?

– The most comfortable way to get from Ljubljana to lake Bled or from lake Bled to Ljubljana is to order a private transfer. No waiting, reliable, fast and safe. You can order your transfer by filling out this form.
– The cheapest way is to take a bus from Ljubljana to Bled. Taking a train demands changing train in Jesenice and walking about two kilometers from the end station to the town of Bled after that. Buses run every full hour and train about six times a day. Check Ljubljana to Bled bus times on the official Ljubljana Bus Station website. Schedules of train connections between Ljubljana and Bled are available at the official Train Station website. 
– You can take a day trip from Ljubljana, organized by tour operators.

  • How to get from Ljubljana to Venice?

    – The most comfortable way to get from Ljubljana to Venice or from Venice to Ljubljana is to order a private transfer. No waiting, reliable, fast and safe. You can order your transfer by filling out this form.
    Flixbus connects Ljubljana and Venice more than 10 times a day. The ride lasts about 4 hours.