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Despite Slovenia`s size, there are about 12 thousand caves in the country, of which Postojna and Skocjan caves are by far most visited. There is a big number of other caves open for visitors but are accessible by prior notice only and with a guide. Please find some suggestions for underground adventure below. 

Postojna Cave

Distance from Ljubljana: 53 km
Duration one way (Bus): 1 h
Around Postojna Cave: Park of Military History (8 km), Planina Cave (8 km), Predjama Castle (10 km), Cerknica Lake (20 km), Krizna Cave (27 km), Prem Castle (28 km), Skocjan Caves (30 km), Sneznik Castle (36 km)

Photo: Iztok Medja

Postojna cave (Postojnska jama) is the most visited European cave and the most visited tourist attraction in Slovenia.

Of almost 25 km of the cave system, about 5 km of it is open for the public and through the first part of the cave visitors are taken by an electric cave train.

Entry is only possible with a tour guide and tours run several times a day. The visit takes one and a half hours. 

There is an intercity bus connecting Postojna Cave with Ljubljana. If you decide to take a train, there is a 20-min walk to the cave from Postojna train station.

Predjama Castle is 10 km away from the cave and in the summer months, both attractions are connected by a free shuttle.

For exact entrance times and price packages please consult the homepage.

Skocjan Caves

Distance from Ljubljana: 77 km
Duration one way (Bus): 1 h 20 min + 3 km walk
Around Skocjan Caves: Vilenica Cave (11 km), Lipica (14 km),
Prem Castle (22 km),  Postojna Cave (30 km)
Predjama Castle (32 km), Koper (35 km) 

This huge and amazing cave (Skocjanske jame) is listed on the UNESCO list.

The section that is accessible to the public is about 6 km long – the first half is cold with a constant temperature of 12 degrees Celsius, so do not forget to take a sweater. The other part is humid with seasonal temperatures thanks to the river flowing through.

Having the biggest underground canyon in the world, you may feel like being in one of the Lord of the Ring scenes, standing on one of the bridges.

The guided tour takes one hour and a half and photographing is not allowed. For some beautiful pictures check the homepage.

To reach the caves you should take a train or a bus to Divaca.

Caves of Slovenia

Postojna and Skocjan Caves are open every day and run regular guided tours. That is however not the case with most of the other caves. Some offer tours daily during the high tourist season only, other are possible to enter by prior notice solely.

There are approx. 12 thousand caves under the surface of this tiny country and, which is astonishing, in average one new cave is discovered per day.

There are options for less touristy and less crowded underground experience, please find some suggestions below. We recommend you visit their website to get accurate information on visiting or simply give them a call.

Krizna Cave

Location: Bloska Polica 7, 1384 Grahovo
Phone: +386 (0)41 632 153

Photo: Peter Gedei

Planinska Cave

Location: Planina village, 8 km NE from Postojna
Phone: +386 (0)41 338 696

Vilenica Cave

Location: Lokev village, 6 km SE of Sezana
+386 (0)5 7344 259

Pekel Cave

Location: Ob rimski nekropoli 2, 3311 Sempeter v Savinjski dolini
Phone: +386 (0)3 57 02 138