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Slovenia has  a good standard of health care. Hospitals are equiped by the highest international standards and medical staff are very well trained.  All citizens are entitled by law to equal access to healthcare. Your access to free medcinal services in Slovenia and Ljubljana depends on your international travel insurance.

Health Insurance

Do you come from EU country or from one of these countries: Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Iceland?

With European Health Insurance Card which is issued for free in your country, you will be treated in Slovenia for free or at reduced costs.

Comming from any other country make sure you get yourself some sort of international health insurance which you can excercise in any institution of public health sector in Slovenia.

Vaccinations and Medication

There is no need for any vaccinations before visiting Slovenia.

Pharmacies which are spread all over the country offer medication for most frequent annoyances: headaches, colds, fever, insect bites, small injuries. Some are open 24/7.


Emergency Medical Help

Emergency Unit of the Ljubljana University Medical Centre offers 24/7 assistance. Address: Zaloska 7, Ljubljana. Entrance is from Njegoseva street. 

In case you urgently need a dentist, visit any Health Center of Ljubljana. On Saturdays and Sundays this one is one duty: Metelkova ulica 9, Ljubljana.

For any other medical assistance, write yourself down the same address: Metelkova 9, Ljubljana.   



Electric Attachment for Wheelchairs  

Address: Krekov trg 10, Ljubljana
Phone: +386 1 306 45 75

The Slovenian Tourist Information Center (STIC) on Krekov trg offers free rental of two electric attachments for wheelchairs.

STIC has thus become the first tourist information center in Europe that provides this kind of service. The electric attachment for wheelchair makes it easier and faster for users to move and overcome longer distances.

The user can simply attach it to the wheelchair, as its height and width are adjustable. Therefore it is suitable for practically every wheelchair without special adjustment.

With a single charge, the battery reaches up to 40 kilometers. The user is obliged to submit a personal document and a deposit before renting, which is returned upon the return of the undamaged attachment back to the STIC.