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Ljubljana is the capital of Slovenia, which itself is a member of the European Union. The population of Slovenia is approximately 2 million. Ljubljana population: 288.250. Please find more interesting  facts about Ljubljana and Slovenia below.

Ljubljana Facts

  • Ljubljana location: Central Europe
  • Ljubljana population: 288.250
  • Ljubljana altitude: 295 m
  • How big is Ljubljana? 163.8 km²

History of Ljubljana

The development of Ljubljana dates back to Roman times, where the fortified Roman settlement laid on the area of today’s Ljubljana. Roman name for Ljubljana was Emona.

After Emona was destroyed by Huns, Slavs had arrived and built a town under the present castle hill, that developed into medieval Ljubljana (known as Laibach).

It was under the Habsburg rule until the colapse of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy in 1918 and part of Yugoslavia until 1991.

Slovenian Language

In Slovenia, the official language is Slovene (or Slovenian), which is similar to other Slavic languages, particularly close to Serbian and Croatian, which uses the Latin alphabet.

Here we give you some of the words and phrases you may need while travelling around Slovenia and Ljubljana.

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How to pronounce “Ljubljana” and what is the origin of the name?

Some are breaking their tongues trying to pronounce the name of the capital of Slovenia. There are  “-lj”s and even “-blj”! What the heck!? But no worries, it is not difficult at all when you find out that “J”s in Slovenian are pronounced as “Y”s in English.


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Tipping in Slovenia is getting more and more common but it is not obligatory. It is appreciated, polite and appropriate for a good service, though.

Not tipping is ok, rounding up is welcome, adding 10 or 20 % should bring a smile of a waiter.

When paying for a taxi, simply rounding up should be ok.

In case you are not from Europe, we understand the confusion two similarly sounding names of two relatively small countries can make. What country is Ljubljana in? Slovenia. What is the capital of Slovenia? Ljubljana. Is Bratislava the capital of Slovakia? Yes. Is Slovenia and Slovakia the same country? No.