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If you prefer postcards and letters to e-mails, Facebook or other forms of electronic correspondation to your friends, family or loved ones, here is a list of Post Offices in the center of Ljubljana. 

Postal code: 1000 Ljubljana

The main and biggest Post Office in the very center of the city is positioned by Hotel Slon and adjacent to Preseren Square.

Open every day from 8 am to 7 pm, Saturdays until noon. Sundays closed.

Address:  Slovenska cesta 32, 1000 Ljubljana

This small Post Office is located by the Ljubljanica River in direction to Poljane district and 5 minute walk from the Ljubljana Central Market.

Open until 6 pm.

Address:  Poljanski nasip 30, 1000 Ljubljana



This Post Office comes handy to everyone on the way to or from the main Bus or Train Station of Ljubljana.

It is adjacent to transport hub of Bavarski Dvor as well.

Address:  Prazakova ulica 3, 1000 Ljubljana

Shipping a Package

There is a common dilemma whether to send packages of bought souvenirs home by mail or to take them with you on a plane and pay for extra luggage.

For easier decision here are prices of Slovenian Post Office for mailing packages inside of EU according to their weight:

up to 2 kg – 13,67 €                            15 to 20 kg – 41,67 €
2 to 5 kg – 20,48 €                              20 to 25 kg – 49,99 €
5 to 10 kg – 25,00 €                            25 to 30 kg – 61,10 €
10 to 15 kg – 36,11 €

Sending packages to countries out of EU is slightly more expensive. For more information please see their web page.