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As with any European capital, parking in Ljubljana center during the week for no cost, especially until late afternoon, can be a mission of sorts. Here we give you information on locations and costs of parking spaces in Ljubljana. You will find parking spaces on city streets, in parking garages and in parking lots.


Cheap Parking in Ljubljana

We feel you. You`re not alone. We wanna park for free as bad as you do when in another city. But how, where and when can you find free parking in Ljubljana center? Well, they’re (un)fortunately limited. There are two things you can do……well, actually three.

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 The payment method for parking depends on where you park your vehicle.

Parking garages and parking lots have their own automated payment machines where you pay the parking fee.

To find out how you can pay for parking at Park & Ride parking lots and how to use street parking pay stations, please visit Street Parking and Park & Ride parking sections respectively.


Electric Vehicle Parking

There are around 80 charging stations for electric vehicles in Ljubljana.

Parking of electric vehicles is on arranged and marked parking spaces free for the time of filling but up to three hours maximum. An indication of the time of arrival is mandatory. Or with a ticket inside the vehicle or with a parking clock.

Here are links with mapped and listed electric charging stations in Ljubljana and Slovenia (in Slovene only):

Motorhome Parking

Ljubljana city center offers just a few camper van parking lots, most are located outside the ring road. Not all of them are equipped with hook-up facilities and the parking time is limited.

As you can get fined if you park your motorhome in a parking space for cars, we suggest you try to avoid the temptation and choose one of the parking facilities we suggest here. 

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Motorcycle Parking

Address : Number of Spaces

 Gruberjevo nabrezje 20: 3 spaces
 Breg 22: 8 spaces
 Tavcarjeva ulica 2: 6                                         Levstikov trg 2: 14
 Gosposka ulica 2: 7                                         Vegova 1: 10
 Cankarjeva cesta 6: 6                                         Levstikov trg 5: 6
 Parking house Kozolec: 2

Address : Number of Spaces

 Beethovnova ulica 12: 4 spaces
 Ciril Metodov trg 5: 7 spaces
 Miklosiceva cesta 7a: 2                                       Beethovnova ulica 10: 12
 Adamic Lundrovo nabrežje 9: 7                        Vodnikov trg Square: 8
 Trg mladinskih delovnih brigad: 8                    Vrhovceva ulica: 2
 Pivovarniska ulica: 1

Ljubljana is one of the safest capitals in Europe. The chances of finding your car broken into or stolen are miniature. However, it is advised not to leave valuable things on display all the same. 


Has your car been towed away?

If you park on a surface not intended for parking, you may face having your car towed. You’ll find it at Cesta dveh cesarjev Road on the southern outskirts of Ljubljana. Since this is a bit of a distance, a taxi or city bus No. 1 is recommended. You pay the fine upon arrival (100 € + 5€/day).

Management centre is open 24 hours and can help you at any time.  

Address:  Automobile fairgrounds, Cesta dveh cesarjev Road, 1000 Ljubljana

Phone: +386 (0)1 257 48 61
              +386 (0)51 35 88 32

To find the most suitable place for your car, the details about prices, opening hours and number of spaces in each car park are all on the municipal parking web site (in Slovene only). You will find them rated and priced according to their location which you can find on the map attached. Note that they are bigger and administratively separate to the street ones thus you are more likely to find an empty slot there. For this reason they have their own policy and prices.