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We would love to give you information on exact locations for free parking in Ljubljana but as in most cities of Europe finding a free parking place in the city center or close to it is a challenge of sorts. Options are: leaving your car outside the parking pay zones, using P+R or enjoying free parking on Sundays. 


On Weekends

Free parking Ljubljana weekend
If you’re visiting Ljubljana just for a weekend, you shouldn’t have problems finding a parking space for no cost.

On Sundays parking on city streets is free of charge, as well as on Saturdays from 3 pm. Also in the city center.

Pure joy and happiness.

PLEASE NOTE: On holidays parking is free only when a holiday falls on Sunday.

P + R (Park and Ride) Option

Cheap parking Ljubljana

There are six P+R points on the edges of the city to leave your car.

Parking price for the whole day is only 1.30 € and a bus ticket to the city center and back is included in the price. Busses pick up and drop off passengers at the P+R location.

But keep in mind that you can pay for the city bus and parking with »Urbana card« only! You can buy it for 2 € on so called Urbanomats. You will find them at every P+R station.

Check here to find out what is Urbana Card, where to get it and how to use it. 

Outside the City Center

You can leave your car outside the city center on some street (minimum 3 – 5 km from the city center or roughly behind the ring road).

City areas without parking pay stations are free of charge to park. From there you can reach the center walking, by taxi, by BicikeLJ or by city bus.