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How safe is Slovenia? Is Ljubljana safe? 

Ljubljana is probably one of the safest cities you`ll ever visit. The city is safe even at nightSlovenia ranks among 10 safest countries in the worldThe crime rate in Slovenia and in Ljubljana is negligible. 

Ljubljana has no slums and is safe to walk anywhere. 


Probably  the biggest Ljubljana safety issue are fast riding cyclists which are quite numerous also in pedestrian zones. There are not many beggars in Ljubljana but if you meet one, no worries, they are harmless.

Pickpocketing has been noticed in the last years. Thefts are rare but it is smart to take basic precautions anyway.

Taxi drivers are mostly fair when it comes to prices but there have been reports of rip-offs. Here are some trustworthy taxi companies in Ljubljana that we recommend.

Slovenia Safety Emergency Numbers 

113 – Police (stolen phone, car accident, lost passport, conflict, …)

112 – Ambulance, firefighters

1987 – AMZS (technical assistance in case your car brakes down; their units are all over Slovenia)

1970 – Traffic information


Ljubljanians are relatively tolerant when it comes to questions of sexual orientation.

But you have to know, that Ljubljana is not like Berlin or Amsterdam yet and still needs some time to fully accept and understand the nature of homosexuality.

It is advised to keep your nature down a bit or visit some Ljubljana gay friendly areas, bars and clubs.

Try to avoid Euronet ATMs

Try to avoid yellow-blue ATMs with the word Euronet as they have very high fees and bad exchange rates. 

Euronet Worldwide is not a bank, but an ATM service provider. Their ATMs are placed at carefully chosen locations. They are where tourists are most likely to look for them – at airports, main railway stations, on the way to the beach, next to restaurants, tourist attractions, often with inappropriate interventions in cultural heritage. Because they are at hand, many people choose them. 

However, it is better to look for a bank ATM. The advantage of bank ATMs is also evident when anything goes wrong at the ATM. If the card is “devoured” by a bank ATM or any other problems appear, you can simply turn to the nearest bank branch. With non-bank ATM operators, this will be more difficult.

If you are not careful enough, a raise due to unfavourable exchange rates and commissions can cost you much more than you would expect. 

Like anywhere in the world thefts can happen but are very unlikely to. It never hurts to take basic precautions like not being too showy of your possessions or leaving your valuables on a visible place in your car.   

Lost and Found 

In case you happen to lose your valuables or you get them stolen, visit the nearest police station or call 113.

Ljubljana Center Police Station is based on  Trdinova ulica 10, which is behind the Supreme Court building and five minutes walk from the main Preseren Square in direction to the main Ljubljana Bus and Railway Station.

If you know where you`ve left your item, don`t panick. Return to the place and ask if it was noticed or found. There is a high possibility you will get it back. Try to remember special characteristic of the lost item or make photos of valuables before leaving your country. Photos may help the police to find and identify them easier.

Lost on a City Bus

If you lose your item on a city bus, call +386 1 58 22 464 from 7 am to 5 pm or visit their office on  Celovska cesta 160, Ljubljana.

Lost on a Train

You forget your phone, umbrella or a piece of paper with a phone number of the cute passenger from your compartment. What to do? Call:

+386 1 29 12 598 for Ljubljana or +386 51 660 568 for Maribor.

Lost at the Airport

For lost and found items at the Ljubljana Airport send them an e-mail or call them from 9 am until 8 pm.

Phone: +386 4 206 12 26


  • Is Slovenia a safe country? Is it safe to travel to Slovenia?
    Yes. Slovenia ranks among the safest countries in the world. Crime rate in Slovenia and in Ljubljana is very low.

  • What is Slovenia safety index?
    Slovenia Ranked 7th Safest Country In The World By 2017 Global Peace Index. Global Peace Index (GPI) ranks 163 independent states and territories according to their level of peacefulness.

  • Is Slovenia safe for solo female travellers? Is Ljubljana safe to visit alone?
    It is very safe and very easy to get around Slovenia. Ljubljana is a very suitable city for solo women travellers, too.
  • Is Ljubljana safe at night?
    Yes. Ljubljana is one of the safest capital cities in the world. If you are wondering if you need to take a taxi to get back to your hotel at night to stay safe, the answer is no. You can also take a walk if your hotel, hostel or apartment is not too far.