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From January 1st 2007 Slovenia has been using euro as an official currency. Slovenian currency before euro was Tolar (SIT). ATMs are literally everywhere and you shouldn`t have problems finding one. Credit cards are widely accepted.

Currency and Costs

You can exchange travelling cheques or cash from your currency to Euro in almost any bank or post office.

Prices of goods in Slovenia are generally higher than in Hungary and Croatia and lower than in Italy and Austria.

Credit Cards

Credit and debit cards like Visa, MasterCard or American Express are widely accepted by all the tourist attractions, hotels, restaurants. However, you can still find some small bars or shops that deal with cash only. 

Don`t forget to take a receipt after your payment.  By the law you have to keep it until you exit a shop, hotel, restaurant. However, there is higher possibility  you win a lottery ticket than being stopped, checked and fined, if you`re find without it. It is just  that the laws are sometimes the way they are – funny and super impractical. 

If it happens, don`t say  we didn`t warn you ;).


Tipping in Slovenia is getting more and more common but it is not obligatory. It is appreciated, polite and appropriate for a good service, though.

Not tipping is ok, rounding up is welcome, adding 10 or 20 % should bring a big smile on a face of your waiter.

When paying for a taxi, simply rounding up should be ok.


  • Slovenia currency to USD
    Currency used in Slovenia is euro. For current exchange rates between EUR and USD please click here.
  • Slovenia money to INR
    Slovenia`s currency is euro. For current exchange rates from Slovenia currency to Indian rupee please click here.
  • Slovenia currency to NAIRA
    Slovenia’s currency is euro. For current exchange rates between EUR and INR please click here.
  • Slovenia currency before EURO
    Slovenian old currency was Slovenian tolar (SIT), Slovenian tolar to EUR – 1 EUR was 239,64 SIT.
  • Is Slovakia currency the same as Slovenia currency?
    Yes. Both Slovakia and Slovenia use euro.
  • Is Croatia currency the same as Slovenia currency?
    No. Croatian currency is kuna, Slovenian currency is euro.
  • Slovenian currency exchange rate
    Slovenia uses the euro. For Slovenian currency exchange rate please see exchange rates for euro.
  • Slovenia currency and capital
    Slovenian currency is euro. The Slovenian capital is Ljubljana.

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