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Slovenia is a beautiful small and geographicaly very diverse country in the centre of Europe, with population of 2 million friendly and educated people who respect the nature of their country as well as their cultural heritage and heartily welcome tourists.

Bled, one of the main
tourist attractions of Slovenia

Republic of Slovenia

  • Slovenia population: 2.081 million (2019)
  • Slovenia capital: Ljubljana
  • The national anthem of Slovenia is “Zdravljica” (A Toast) written by the greatest Slovenian poet France Preseren
  • GDP of Slovenia per capita for 2017: $33.279 (38th in the world)
  • Form of government: Parlamentary constitutional republic
  • Calling code: +386
  • Internet TLD: .si
  • Date format: dd. mm. yyyy
  • Driving on the right
  • What time is it in Ljubljana, Slovenia? – Time zone: CET (UTC+1)
  • Biggest cities in Slovenia: Ljubljana, Maribor, Celje, Kranj, Koper, Velenje, Novo mesto

Slovenia`s size can be compared to the size of Israel, Belize, New Jersey or Vermont. It covers 20.273 km2 which is approximately half of Switzerland, Netherlands or Denmark.

Flag of Slovenia with the coat of arms

Slovenia flag

The flag of Slovenia is a white-blue-red with the coat of arms of Slovenia.

The colors of the flag are white, blue and red. Each colour occupies one third of the width of the flag space.

The coat of arms of the Republic of Slovenia has the shape of a shield. In the middle of the shield, on a blue background, is the figure of Mt. Triglav in white, below it there are two wavy blue lines depicting the sea and rivers, and above it, in the shape of a downward-facing triangle, three golden six-pointed stars.


With only two million inhabitants, Slovenia is one of the smallest European countries, as well as one of the most beautiful and diverse. After all, the former Yugoslav republic borders Austria, Italy, Hungary and Croatia, so Germanic, Romanic, Hungarian and Slavic cultures intersect here.

Explore interesting facts about Slovenia that you probably didn’t know and that will bring you closer to the knowledge about this country and its people.

There are certainly plenty of facts that will surprise you and make you even more eager to visit Slovenia, this Balkan and Central European beauty.

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Do you notice the shape of a chicken?

Slovenia geography

Where is Ljubljana, Slovenia? The country is positioned in Northern Balkans of Middle Europe. Austria is on the North, Croatia borders on the South, Italy on the West and Hungary on the East.

Although Slovenia is small, it is very geographically diverse. Alps on the North, Mediterranean with the Adriatic Sea on the South West, Pannonian plain on the East. There are hot springs, hills and wine regions, also Karst region with rivers, gorges and more than 10.000 underground caves.

Remnants of primeval forests are on the South with one of the biggest populations of Brown Bear in Europe. Slovenia is the 3rd most forested country in Europe.

As the country is small and diverse you can stand on the top of one of the Alpine monuntains and swim in the Adriatic Sea in the same day.

You can finish  your day in hot springs, in the capital Ljubljana or in a
wine cellar of one of the wine regions.

Piran, the gem of the Slovenian coast

Day Trips from Ljubljana

Most of the attractions of Slovenia are easily accessible as a day trip from Ljubljana, making the capital and ideal base for exploring the entire country.

Most popular destinations include the beaches on the Adriatic coast, Alps, hot springs, wine regions, caves of the Kras region and many castles.

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Slovenia links:  

  • The offical portal of Slovenian tourist board. It offers information about tourism attractions all over the country.